Love, At First – Busker Busker


Busker Busker has finally returned after over a year of rumours of disbandment, with a brand new album. Yet to make a comeback onto the stage, Busker Busker has lived up to fan’s expectations, slaughtering all charts in Korea with their new song, most of them (or all) of the songs charting in the top 10. I never got to review Cherry Blossom Spring, mainly because I hated the song, but this song, is amazing. Now I know they are an independent band, but why have they not promoted on any shows yet? MCountdown? Inkigayo? Music Core? Show Champion? Music Bank? Where are you guys????? So yeah, this review will be quite short, mainly because there has been no performance of the song yet. If there are, and I am still under this rock (points to rock), please link it to me in the comments. Would love to see a performance.

The song is heartbreaking. Let’s just start off with that. The emotions in this song is very overwhelming but for the right reasons. You could literally feel it through the ballad and slow feel of the song and the smooth vocals of the song. The sorrow you can feel is very deep. I find this the “perfect song”, because, to me, everything in this is perfect. Vocals, lyrics, instrumental all make the song ‘successful’. This is the award winning song of the month. There is nothing wrong with the song. It showcases the member’s talent to a very high extent. I must say the guys nasal vocals add a little something to the song that we cannot see that much. Most likely, they will win a lot of awards (no more rookie awards I hope though), proving their success in the industry.

The music video fits the same level of emotion within the song. We see a couple breaking up at first. Then we see each of the couple’s life in turmoil, as if they cannot do anything properly. The guy has lost his passion in his day, which lacks a lot of colour. As for the girl, she cannot function properly with her breakup in the back of her mind. A very beautiful music video. The black and white feel to it adds more to the loneliness and sadness of the music video which makes it so great.

The emotion in the song and the music video can be felt as if we were apart of their world. 10/10. Which is great considering that I did not like their debut song. Hahahaha…

Also an extra word. I kind of lied it being my third year doing this. I can’t count. Hahahaha… WordPress just notified a little while ago that I have been with wordpress for 2 years now. Which makes it my two year anniversary. Thank you all for those who have been supporting me by reading this blog. You guys are amazing. Let’s all wish for another two years and more together.  ^^


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