Confused – AOA


After promoting Moya, with the band subunit, AOA Black, the girls are back as AOA, with Confused. Many bands this year have gone for the more sexy look, even though bands who you thought were sexy, became a whole heap sexier this year. As competitiveness in the industry heats up, AOA had decided to make a comeback with a song style that you have never heard from the band before. I never reviewed Moya, mainly because, of time and that it was not the best song to make a review about. Seriously, why would you want to read me moaning on about how “neutral” the song was etc.

The song is amazing. I have to say it. There are some parts that i am not that fond of. For example, that little ballad part did not fit the song. It was a good intro, but compared to the rest of the song, it was not as great. I was quite surprised when I first heard the song, cause right after the intro, wow. Must I say any more. The chorus was catchy as hell, making it a really addictive song. Honestly, got me singing along throughout the song every time I am listening to it, The bridge fitted the song quite well, but I found the first rappers rap a little whiny. I don’t know why, but it seems more whiny in this song than in Get Out. Also, when I hear the song, I honestly cannot tell that there were two people rapping, it sounds like one person throughout the whole song. Really great song.

The music video opens up with something a little different to the song itself. There was this ballad song, much different from the song’s intro. Not sure if it was like the other song on their single album. Then we get introduced to the girls in black and white tight clothing. Like the clothing is really tight, but hey they look pretty good in them. I love the couch usage in this video and dance. It gives the song that more sexy appeal that it needs and also it is different to what is currently in the industry at the moment (such as Nine Muse’s usage of chairs in their choreography). Maybe the rapper went a little overboard on the couch in some parts, but I really like the music video. I do have one complaint, but it has to do with the dance.

The complaint it, when they have their fingers in their mouths, am I the only who thinks they don’t sing along or anything, cause I ain’t seeing their mouth move! And for those haters out there who think the band is copying Sistar’s Alone, well, I don’t see your logic. Yes, the dance looks similar, but they only took like 1 dance move from the whole Sistar performance, repeated that and added their own move in. And yes, the dance was quite captivating and it looked like it fitted the song real well. The feet dragging and the fingers in their mouths make the whole performance, really good looking.

9/10. Amazing comeback with a really great song, music video and live performance. Like what more can you ask for?

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