Girls, Why? – VIXX ft. OKDAL

VIXX are back with a new love song with OKDAl, an indie duo, if I am not mistaken. The band had shedded their dark and mysterious side, giving their all for a more cute and lovable side. Currently the band is on their little world tour thingy, going to different countries around the world to perform in. OKDAL is a female duo band, with really nice vocals. Both are basically a match in heaven. I feel like if I said anything else, here, I won’t have anything to say below. So here we go.

Wow, the guys sound amazing. The girls too! Their vocals together sound like they are a match. I absolutely love this song. It is soft and mellow. It is different to Hyde or On & On, which showed a lot of the dominant side of the band, but I find the band singing ballads absolutely amazing. I love their past ballads, and this one sounds amazing. The girls, though their voices were kind of soft, they were so amazing. Not sure about the rap though. last thing I wanted to hear in a song like this, was a rap, but then again, Ravi pulled it off without looking like a hardcore rapper or anything. The lyrics are amazing, and I love the “O, o, o, saranghae” part. It made the song very memorable and the soft instrumental gave it that little more gentleness.

The music video fits the song quite well. It does not scream loud, nor does it feel like it is conflicting with the song. It looked good and did not lack in anything, but I found it incredibly painful to watch. I like the band, but the music video was not as captivating, like one that I would go back and forth over and over again to just watch. But i guess it does itss jobs successful. I like the ending scene where they all sitting and standing about and also Ravi’s rapping scene, which looked really great, with the paper plane scene, reenacting what many guys would have to go through. Well, not that exactly, but you get what I mean.

9.5/10. Really amazing song. Pity they cannot promote it, but if these two bands ever go and do another collaboration, guess who will be willing to listen to another of their songs!!!!

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