You Don’t Know Love? – K.Will


K.Will has returned with a new mini album, unexpectedly, must I say. Like his comeback caught me off guard. How am I meant to cope when you announce a comeback like a day before your actual comeback? Seeeshh…. Throwing KPOP fans off their chairs, says KPOP companies forever. This time around, he enlisted the help of two well known Koreans: Chanyeol from EXO and Lee Ho Jung, Korean model. It also seems like he is putting off a good fight. He managed knock IU down from her perfect all kill status and is currently challenging SHINee for first place, on MCountdown so far!

The song is great. His voice is very soothing in this RnB type of genre and he sounds amazing. However, the song is not that appealing. It does not have me coming back for more. I don’t know why. I loved Please Don’t and enjoyed Love Blossom, but I really don’t see any appeal to the fans through the song. It is like he aimed high for his recent album, but then took a step back for this mini album. I love ths start of the song, but then it just lost it for me. The chorus is pretty good and somewhat catchy. YEs, this song is worthy of an award at least, but it is not the best song out there from the soloist. There was not much of an impact from this song as there was in his past songs. However. that bridge part of the song where he goes super high pitch was pretty good as well.

The music video. Number 1 complaint: this is why I hate artist using other popular artists in their videos. The actual artist is shoved out of the spotlight for their comeback and the “actor” or “actress” is the center of attention. No, I am not hating Chanyeol or Lee Ho Jung. But the music video was for K.Will’s comeback, not EXO’s comeback. From what I see: more of the comments were for Chanyeol than K.Will (when I wrote this). But leaving that to one side, the music video was really cool. Chanyeol and Lee Ho Jung’s acting skills are really great. The music video tells us a story where this couple breaks up, and obviously both reflect upon their breakup and then rekindle with each other. Chanyeol in anger threw the ring when his girlfriend broke the relationship off. But then he goes looking for it, still thinking he has a chance. That flower scene where he hands the flower from her box and let the ring fall out, like how did you do that???? Cause they would’ve been really hard to do without her noticing. Their acting was really cool. You could see the guilt of Lee’s face when she is reflecting and those tears from Chanyeol. WOW!

As for the live performance, you really cannot ask for more from a ballad singer. He is just sitting there, singing. What else he is gonna do: break down dance scene or something. On second thoughts though, that would be cool. Next comeback then?

8/10. Pretty cool comeback, but the problem lies within the song for me.

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