Love Options – BESTie

BESTie is back after promotions for their debut song, with Love Options. It has been 5 months or so, from the top of my head since the band debuted and seriously, this band is becoming one of the best rookies of the year. On that note, though, welcome o the new look KPOPreviewed. Every year now, I have changed the layout and I thought this theme had a bit of brightness to it, whereas my past few themes and layouts did not, they were mainly dark. I also thought the home page looks awesome and puts all the feature images to work really well. So do you guys like it? Hahahaha…. But enough me, onto the review.

The song is really addictive. Like, as soon as I heard it, I literally fell in love with the song and had it stuck in head continuously. It has that modern yet retro feel and theme to it. It seems like something that would’ve come out in the 90’s but was upgraded for the 2010’s. I have to say, though, it is much better than their debut song. The chorus is really catchy, and also that “Do, do do~” part as well. Got that part stuck in my mind for a very long time. The raps in this song are really cool and the vocals were superb. The song itself seems to talk about how insecure a girl is about her love life. But still, a really good song.

To me, the music video is quite dull. Everything in the video fits the song lyrics perfectly, however, the video was not that appealing to me. I watched it for the song only I guess, not for the video itself. It lacks the energy that the song has and has carried throughout the whole song. The song has really cool elements to it. The song talks about a guy who has money and would the girls things. From what I see, the girls have what they want, the shoes, diamonds, fame but they seem to be bored of what they have. I think they realised that the guy they are with are not really perfect and start singing about their “ideal” guy, I also love the pop culture reference with the “Keep Calm” poster in one of the scenes. I also love the mock video with that guy from their debut video in there as the panda who goes crazy. I will link it in the playlist below for you guys. ^^

The dance is really amazing and I love every aspect of the dance. It is quite feminine for me, but it is still a great dance.

8.5/10. Really good comeback from such a rookie group. Thier performances have not been cut that much compared to other artists, which is a sign that they are being loved by fans.

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