Snake – A-Jax


Do you know how hard it was to find a picture to put in this review? Like seriously, it took me three days of looking. There were some, but they were too small. I had to squint to see it properly. Anyway, A-Jax has made their comeback, after promotions of Insane, back in July. This time around the member which was out of promotions due to injury came back (I think his name was Yunyoung, not sure). However this time, Sungmin, the main vocalist has an injury and has been said to be sitting out for promotions of this song. Going for a more light hearted song this time around, do not be fooled with the boys youthful image. That or you have realized that you have fallen prey to a snake. No??? Okay then…

The song is described to be lighthearted and as a funky rock genre. All of those are in the song, no complaints there. But I am quite disappointed with the turn that the boys have been going for. I really liked Insane and Hot Game. Thier other releases however do not sound as great, this song being the worst of them all. This song has kind of grown on me much more than 2MYX or One For You, but it still has my head saying no. I did like the chorus,, which is really catchy. I also love the “Hey Baby Why you act like you don’t even know my name? Baby baby baby” part which really good. Beside that, I was not impressed with the song. After the rap, the song literally went downhill. Like I could tell that from just listening to the song, It just ruined the mojo of the song and the ending was really disappointing. Is it a bad song to the point where nobody should listen to it? No. But for me, the song was not as great as other songs out at the moment.

The music video is quite suggestive. The band enlisted the help of Woori from Rainbow to play a role of a snake in this video. She slowly eats the members by luring them with their good looks. Honestly, I think the guys are a little naive. It is like they have never seen a girl. Thier acting is exaggerating the true events of the video, but I think they are trying to put more a of a comedic side to the whole story. However, I am surprised that the guys did not notice that something is kind of wrong, when their members go missing. And when I say missing, I mean alive, in the snake’s stomach. No, like if the first guy went missing, I would’ve been like “Where is my friend” and start freaking out, not play music instruments. And also don’t those guys like shout or anything to get other’s attention? And last thing, my mind would’ve have realized that something wrong when the girl starts jumping up and dancing when you played the flute. Just saying guys.  Also like the addition for the “CPR” scene, where they go all textbook on the whole procedure. Just one thing annoyed me there: “No RESPOND”. Yeah, sorry guys, but that kind of jumped out at me the first time I saw it.

The dance is quite interesting. I don’t find the dance great, but it fits the song perfectly. I like the “Hey baby why u act like you don’t even know my name Baby baby baby” part of the dance and that is about it. The chorus and other parts of the song seemed quite cheesy to me and did not go down well in my mind. Why does that sound wrong?

4/10. I think, for me personally, the band has to top Insane. It is like the best song from the band out there in my point of view. This song was rather weak and it was not that great in my point of view.


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