She’s Mine – UKISS


UKISS is finally back with a new song. This is their first comeback without Dongho, who left the group, due of reasons of not wanting to be a celebrity, but have a normal life. Yeah, many people are saying that he was forced out of the group, mainly because his contract has not ended yet, and it is not right for a company to just let him leave. That apparently was what happened with the other two old members of the band. But either way, just going to say that I don’t believe anything and just going to say it was nice knowing you. But now the band has made their first comeback with the 6 member line up with a rather interesting song.

The song is not my cup of tea. It is great, but UKISS needs something as great as Tick Tack and Neverland. Dance heavy songs are what they do best, yet they get these songs that don’t let them move and dance like what I want to see them do. The hip hop feel this song has is pretty cool, but not as great or grand that to the point where I like it. Eli and AJ’s raps were not the best raps that I have heard. It is great that Kiseop has more lines than usual, but the whole song sounds choppy. The songs vocals are mainly dominated by Kevin and little hint of Soohyun, with the raps being even spared out. Also, where they say “She’s Mine, She’s Mine” , all I hear is “Shits mine”. Yeah, I am probably gonna get killed, but really, I expected something better. This song seemed rather rushed and not that great. My thoughts have been discussed.

I don’t like the black and white filter on the video. Yes some parts were in colour, but I kept thinking of Stop Girl. This is another boring music video. I must say, I liked the visual effect where the camera would turn upside down and the members change. That was pretty cool. I felt the acting in this video was kind of awkward. Not the best acting I must say, where they were acting gangster like. Not liking it too. The music video seemed rather rushed, with the lack of a backdrop. There is nothing in this video that is keeping me there from watching it. I thought Standing Still was bad as a music video, but this really has to top that as well, in terms of bad music video.

The dance is not that great as well. I did mention it a moment ago that I want to see hardcore dancing like Tick Tack and Neverland, but instead I got fingers point at me and really disappoint moves that don’t fit the song as well. Like the dance fits the instrumental and the beats, but sadly the dance does not fit the feel of the song. I would’ve expected more of a hip hop style kind of dance. I am not sure if I am asking too much anymore!

1/10. Sad. Not liking the song at all. I actually loved Mysterious Lady, their prerelease for this mini album, and then instead got this song, which is a total let down.

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