Who You? – G-Dragon (Big Bang)

G Dragon, who last night won 4 awards at the MAMA awards, recently unveiled his third music video for this latest album. “Who You?” was a just a song I discovered recently that I thought never discover. As you can tell, I never got to sit down and listen to the whole album. Tragic, hey? I know G-Dragon is amazing and has really great songs, but his latest song, Coup D’etat, was not that great from my perspective. Crooked on the other hand was amazing. Okay, review now. But first: as you have noticed, I released Taeyang’s review last night, now its G-Dragon’s review. Tomorrow, it will be T.O.P’s review. Or later today. Not sure. I have commitments after releasing this review, and unsure if I will get around to releasing T.O.P’s review tonight.

Who You? is an amazing song. It has that really popish American feel that I really love, from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. It has to be one of the best tracks by G-Dragon to date and I cannot form words on my keyboard with my fingers to describe this amazing song. The instrumental has that American feel to it, which makes it sound so memorable. Though I was delayed, I had to replay the song over and over again. The chorus, like Crooked, sounded catchy and was really cool. The piano at the start gave that really fresh feeling to the song and opened the song quite well. The “Du Du Du” part was really catchy and I had it replaying in my head a million times. It was a fun song to listen, which was much different to Coup D’etat which had a obvious serious feel to it, but at the same time was not as crazy as Crayon.

The music video is quite memorable. Who You? music video was filmed using fan’s fancams, which is quite an original idea. But imagine the editing processing, going through how much footage to make it into a video! Not one to complain here. Knowing that it was made from fancams, I can’t really complain about the shakiness of the video. On top of that, I liked the graffiti, however thought it was quite excessive. It was over the windows, and everything inside the enclosure. But I guess it has its charm. Also, I am glad that YG and G Dragon decided to list all of the names at the end. A good 534895634895632 people on that list. Hahahaha… I kid, not that much. But it was very nice of him to include them.

The performance was so so. The dance did not captivate me like the video or the song itself. I also kind of noticed that this choreography was the last one to be thought through, It seemed rush and “un G Dragon like” if you know what I mean.

8/10. Quite good. Now, T.O.P’s review and that one Big Bang single we were promised. Where you at?


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