Oh My God! – N.CA

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One of the most cutest rookies of the year is finally back with her newest single “Oh My God!”. It was such a pity that I never got to review her debut song, because it made me feel warm and fuzzy. Too much? Now N.CA is back with a new song, ready to show the KPOP scene more of the mature voice and the yet  young face. Anyway, I cannot say too much without hinting too much on my thoughts of the song.

How freaking catchy is this song? “Oh my, oh my, oh my god!”. I love listening to the song. Her voice has something that makes us feel so good. Her voice so sweet and loving in this song. You just want to hug it don’t you? No? Just me? I love the way the song slowly builds up tot he chorus and then maintains the beat throughout the song. The chorus is really catchy and the lyrics are so sweet. The lyrics talks about how a guy wants to leave her, but she makes it more into a positive song, than making it a much more depressing song. I have no complaints with this song and it sounds really amazing.

The music video is good. I love the doll scene where she plays with the dolls, but it seems like she is controlling the people in her life. Not sure about some of the sets, particularly the school one. Not sure how it fits into the whole song. I guess she runs after the guy, but then instead of the expected “love me” scene, she dumps him. And I also believe that there was a scene he thought she was going to kill him via electrocution. But instead she sings to him, in the forest, with lights conveniently placed there and a microphone. And it is funny how one small part of the song can make him want her more all over again. Hahahaha…. I would be joking if I said the plot was flawless. But nevertheless, the music video had a cute feeling and looked pretty good.

She looks awkward dancing. I think she does not know where to look. She looks shy and really has no idea what she doing there on stage. But she still looks cute while dance. I like the part where they kneel down and bang the seats, and also the “Oh my, oh my, oh my god” part.

8/10. I must remember to review her debut song, one day. Over my holiday break. One day.


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