The Letter – Davichi


Davichi recently made their comeback with a brand new single, The Letter. The duo, who are known for their amazing vocals, have literally done it again with another song, wowing fans and the audience with another heartbreaking but yet warm song. Davichi has never disappointed. Their amazing vocals are consistent through every song they release and their live is always cool. I watched their music video teaser, and honestly it was not that good, but I am loving this comeback and it seems like Korea is too, winning a lot of awards and ranking quite high on charts.

At first I was disappointed with this song, but now, I love it. Thier instrumental is really so grand and there is the epic feel in it which makes it sound so amazing. The vocals once again are consistent with their other songs and I seem to never get bored with their voice. The song, just from listening to it, is another sad song, and it seems that Davichi is a really good vocal duo when it comes to portraying their emotions. The chorus is quite catchy, for a ballad. I love how the song starts of slow and then bam, the chorus is literally high. There is one complaint I have to make, but what is with the door closing sound after each chorus? It sounds werid and everytime I hear it, it distracts me from the rest of the song.

Okay, for those who don’t know, the lyrics talks about how a guy leaves a love letter to the girl. The guy is terminally ill, and from the music video, we get that the guy dies, leaving the girl behind. The girl, obviously shattered, starts to cry and drives for most of the music video. Ummm…. Hello, I know that you could be is a different state of mind, but you drove for a very long distance. Not being racist here, but your eyes were closed for most of that time. Would it not be a great time to just stop the car, and cry out all you want? You know, if that happened to me, I would not sit in a car, drive and then cry my tear ducts out. Hmmm… But this music video has a lot of emotion in it, from the guy and the girl, a lot of tears are shedded. Great music video.

8/10. Really good song, great music video. Amazing comeback!!!! I also apologize for my week worth of break. I will have more reviews up over the weekend, and during the week. However, I may disappear for 4 days considering I have 4 more days of school. After that, I am all yours! Hahahaha… Churning out reviews after reviews.

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