Madly – FT Island


After promotions for their 5th year anniversary album, with the song Memory, the band has made their comeback promoting Madly. It is so nice to see the band (or in fact any instrument playing band) back onto the stage. Though they are not at the top of the charts, the band has continued to promote the song, receiving a lot of love from their fans.

This song is amazing. I love the huskiness of Hongki’s voice which sounds so cool and fits the song really well. I love the orchestral feel to the instrument giving the song that more grand feel. The chorus is quite catchy, I have to say that. I love how the song breaks down into a more rock ballad type of song after the first chorus. I really like how Hongki’s voice has that really good feel to it, where is matches the song perfectly. His high note at the end was extraordinary. You can feel the emotion in the song as soon as you feel it. The song itself speaks about  how bad this guy regrets leaving his girl. I personally like this song. Not sure why some people think there is autotune in this song. I can only pick out one part that had autotune, but it is not that bad to complain about it.

The music video is really nice. Not sure about the setting though. In the middle of no where, with long grass growing around is not really a great way to show regret and love. Especially when you have set up big lights and a drum kit to make the band perform in the wild. I don’t mind the acting. Jonghun does an amazing job at aimlessly wondering around the desert, which fits the song. But complaint is the band performing the the field. Though I am one to complain a lot about slow starters, I think the whole music video was done well. Jonghun slowly walks around for most of the song, looking like a lover who is in regret, but when the song approaches the climax of the song, he starts to run and the scenes changes according to the drum beats. That is pretty cool. Also the blurring effect when he runs accompany his speed. In the end he runs to the point where he cannot run anymore and collapses. I guess he yearns to see his lover, so we see the girl caring for him, but really it is just his imagination. Amazing video.

9.5/10. Really great. FT Island does it again. This ballad this time around carries so much emotion and looks amazing.

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