What Am I To You? – History

Source: http://kpopnow.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/history.jpg

History has made their comeback with a new song. This is their second comeback after promotions  of Dreamer and Tell Me Love. This time around they went for the bad boy image, showing fans a much different side of the band. The band has also been nominated to be the BEST MALE ROOKIE on my BOB (Best Of The Best, which you can check out here). I have to say, I like the way they went this time around. Much better than their previous song. Though, they are quite popular among the audience, they don’t perform that well on charts. Maybe next time???

The song has that Latin American feel to it that we were promised, unlike some other song recently. It and that salsa or rumba feel to that makes it addictive to listen to. It had an exotic yet fresh feel to it, giving it a different look to it, from other songs. The vocals in this song are pretty cool and it reminds me of their Dreamer song. The chorus is really good, quite catchy must I add. Tell Me Your Love. The rapping is pretty cool. It has that husky feel that fits the song quite well. The instrumental parts are quite good as well. They give the song more of a balance when you listen to it. The line that I find most interesting the whole song is: “I know how to cheat, but she knows how to play.” That one line to me summarises the whole song and for some reason stands out among the rest.

I personally think, from a western point of view, that this music video has a very extreme rating. I don’t see anything that can be that bad to the audience. Unless having a guy “smoke”, get into a fight or being rebellious is that bad to have a 19+ rating. This music video is quite artistic. We see five different ways a person could deal with a break up. The angry kind, the ‘I want to fight”, the miserably lonely guy, the “sad then happy” guy or the “anger release” guy. I actually think Kyungil’s role (the sad then happy guy) role is the best out of the five and he does a really good portrayal of such a role. Do I hear calls for dramas and movies coming? Not sure about the ending though. The story really does not explain a connection between the five guys, beside the fact that they are going through a breakup. But hey, it was only like five seconds out of the 4 minute and 52 seconds, so I am not going to be that critical.

The dance was really good. It was like dancing the salsa or rumba, which we all know must have two people to do. But instead the guys dance by themselves. Pretty cool. Like that little moment during the first rap. It is like the rapper is looking into his reflection. Yeah I see where all the MJ comparisons are coming from. After noticing those shoes,I have to say, they are pretty shiny. Too shiny to look at the video but instead of their shoes.

7.5/10. Pretty cool. I still believe this band has amazing potential. They just need the right song and the right wow factor. But this is a start. (I honestly thought I would not get this review done tonight. I have been trying to push through my holiday homework, but there is a lot more than I have anticipated. But don’t worry, I am on a two month holiday now, so I am able to release reviews for you!!!)




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