Day & Night – Tasty


Tasty is finally back with a new song. Last time they were on the stage, they were promoting MaMaMa, which was a successful song the duo. However since then, Woolim Entertainment (Tasty’s entertainment company, which also houses Infinite) announced the merger between them and SM Entertainment. Since then, the pair had performed on numerous stages with SM Entertainment as an opening act. As you view this comeback, you can see that the band has become a much larger and more experienced group, then opposed to last year, when they were just rookies.

This song is not bad. It is actually pretty good. But it did not stand out for me. Yes, this song would be a reminisce to all songs from the 90’s. It has that old pop era feel to it, which makes it pretty cool. However as I mentioned previously, it did not stand out. Maybe because it was quite a bad time to promote, and the other bands and groups are over shadowing Tasty. The chorus is pretty cool. I feel like this song focuses more on the vocals of the band rather than the dance. The rapping in this song sounds pretty good. I like the guitar sounds in the instrumental. (I think they are called rifs or something, but to be sure, I just say “sound”).

The music video is quite cool. A video with another decent plot. Hahahaha… Anyway, we see that the twins have a small restaurant which they operate and run. One day when the one of the twins (as you can see, I cannot tell the difference between the two yet) opens the doors, he finds his “ex” at the door. It was revealed that she left him years ago, and she now wants to get back together. So they let her stay and help out in the restaurant, which they see is quite successful. Well, it was not that easy as 1,2,3, but in the end they let her in. The three soon becomes best of friends (again) and start to hang out. After a while, the girl starts poking around and finds money. The other twin (the one whom she never dated) caught her looking at the money, but I guess let her off because he likes her. Cause I guess the whole world was waiting for the make out scene, but it turns out she was just teasing him. It turns out she only got back with the twins, so she could lure them out and have people fight them. Not sure why though. But you can see she regrets the whole thing and is about to cry when the video ends. It seems like the guys die in the end. Or have pretty bad injuries. I really liked the music video and how despite the plot, the director and cameras were able to capture the whole scenery of Hong Kong.

The dance is okay. Not as memorable as MaMaMa and really does not have anything awesome in it. I don’t think the dance carries that 90’s feel to it that the song has, which was a pity. Though it was still enjoyable to watch.

Nothing amazed me with this comeback. But it is still pretty cool. 7/10.



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