Heaven’s Door – Eric Nam

Source: http://annyeongeurope.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/mv.jpg

I have been dying to review this song since forever. Sadly it got cut from my list, because of some factors (i.e. most likely because I did not have enough time to be able to sit down and right a full proper review of this song). This was his debut song into the KPOP world and wow, was it an amazing song. Released way back in January 2013, which technically means it has been around a year since this guy promoted his song. Yeah, so I guess my review is “kind of” a year late. Oh well, at least I am doing it. Hahahaha… Please feel sorry for me. I am writing this is 40 degree weather which is extremely hot. Not thinking right.

I don’t know why. But I like Eric’s voice. There is a bit soul and a lot of feelings in the vocals. It actually took me surprised when I first heard the song. I agree with most of the comments under the music video. I do believe that “Heaven’s Door” actually mean “Gateway to Death”. So… I think everything just go so awkward. Though it seems in this context, “Heaven’s Door” actually means the “Gateway to Happiness”. A literal or a subtle way of thinking it. Your choice hahaha… The instrumental is quite upbeat, so it gave it a fresh feel. While songs in Winter tend to be warm or sad, this song is like a Summer song, where it is upbeat and bound to make you happy. South Korea at that time would be in Winter, hence why I made they comment. I actually liked the song in both Summer and Winter. The song is amazing.

The music video is so so. It looks amazing, but at the same time so cheesy. It seems like he has no idea where he is going. Deciding which road to go down. And why are the signals for both directions on his car flashing at the same time???? WHY??? (Sorry, I have been learning how to drive a car here, so…) I think he leaves clue for the girl to find so she can go to him. But wouldn’t that be weird. Like stalk-ish weird? Anyway, his facial expression in some scenes are quite funny, but I have to admit, he is quite handsome. Damn, I am jealous. Look how cheesy the music video was when he is lying in the snow and thinking of this “girlfriend”. Why in quotation marks? Cause I have no idea if he is confessing his love and that he seems to be more comfortable with his love around his dog. At the end, when the dog outside was barking to get Eric’s attention… Umm… He looked quite warm in that jumper, so why did he change into something more thinner? The mysteries of life.

There is no dance to this song, which is a good thing, because if there was a dance, it would ruin the song. Seriously.

8.5/10. This debut was awesome and seriously, we all have high expectations for this guy in the future. Can’t wait until his next release.

Eric Nam was nominated for Best Male Rookie and Best Soloist! Did he win one of them at the BOBs (I am blowing this out of proportion a lot)? Find out HERE!!!!

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