Heaven – Ailee (Japanese Version)

Source: http://www.jpopsuki.tv/cache/2bf7eeb48ccba527be6e1e0d7df0dc24.jpg

Ailee recently made her debut in Japan last month, with the very song which she made her debut in Korea. Heaven, was literally reproduced into a new song with a new instrumental and lyrics in a totally different language. On top of that, a different music video was produced. It must’ve been hard on Ailee particularly recently, where she was hurt.  I think everyone knows what I am talking about. I have to say, Ailee has one of the best fan bases ever. If any artist got into a similar situation or anything milder, they would have been criticised  However, Ailee was supported by fans and strangers a like. It is great to know that there are humans still on this earth and faith can be restored. She made her Japanese debut early last month.

The song has a new instrumental. This one has more of an orchestral feel to it which I actually like, though I do prefer the Korean version of the song more. This version basically got updated and sounds amazing As per usual, Ailee’s vocals are superb and really she sounds amazing. If this instrumental was with the Korean lyrics, this song would have been a chart topper from the very beginning. There is this epic feel that the Korean version lacked, while this version lacks emotion and feelings. Do you understand? It is hard to explain properly, but beside that, the song is amazing.

The music video was recreated for the Japanese song. I like the floating clouds, but the setting seems to constricted to watch. The Korean version looked bright and suited the tone of the song. This version however, the lighting sucked and the music video looked like a video shot for a more creepy concept. There is no focus on “heaven” but instead only on the darkness of the video and the only thing that stands out is her white dress. It seems like not enough was invested into this debut music video. I don’t know Japan’s opinion towards Ailee or if she is even popular in Japan, but seriously, a lot more could’ve been done.

I don’t believe that there has been a live performance of this song yet. The music video did not really focus on a dance at all. So, I really “judge” the dance. I could copy and paste my dance review for the Korean version, but I have a feeling maybe the dance also changed?

7/10. Still pretty good and amazing. But the Korean version is much better. I was planning to do a poll, but I won’t be around to post anything that much, since it is the end of the year. However I did post a poll last week for “Which Nine Muses song did you like from the year?”. The most popular song of the year from Nine Muses is Wild with 63% of the votes. Congrats Wild!!!

This version of the song was nominated for Best Japanese Song, while Ailee herself was nominated for Best Soloist! Did she win both? Check it out HERE!!!

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