Gone – Jin

Source: http://kpop365.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/screen-shot-2013-11-04-at-9-36-18-am.png

Okay, I have to admit it. I have been trying my very best to put off this song. I was not really thrill to do a review for this song, but since I already have done a review of a song with a audio track and live performance, I thought maybe I should change it around a bit and do a review with an audio track and a music video only. And no, that EXO member did not debut under a a female solo name. Instead he cameo in the music video, which majority of this review will be about.

The song is okay. Not the best song out there to be honest, but I guess we will have high hopes of this girl’s band when they debut under Woolim Entertainment next year. I think the vocals were lacking and quite boring in this song. There was nothing that appealed me to the voice. Though, her voice does fit the level of emotion in the song, I have to say, I am quite disappointed with the song. The song did not really build up and remained at the same level for most of the song, which is disappointing. Beside those high notes at the end though. The chorus is not as great and the song lacked a lot. Sorry.

As for the music video, wow. Finally another KPOP video with a decent plot in it, that I can understand and feel for. We are introduced to the strict piano teacher, a ill boy and a blind girl. The ill boy was just learning how to play the piano when he meets the girl. Anyway, skip forward to their next lesson. Xiumin (the boy) sees that the girl getting scolded for playing the piano horribly. Well, I would have to say, but give the blind girl a break. Xiumin goes to help and teaches the young girl, which deceives the teacher. They bond with each other afterwards. But even when they think no one is looking, it seems that the teacher has eyes everywhere. Xiumin ends up getting dragged away from the girl, but the girl only discovers his “medicine” which I don’t think she knows what it is. She becomes worried. Until one day where she senses that her true love has come back, only to have him die the next minute (maybe from his escape from the hospital). Now his body is taken away (probably to be dumped), however the teacher knows that Xiumin and the girl love each other, so he even though is quite strict, continues playing the song that Xiumin was playing before he died, to ensure the girl that he is okay. Or maybe a different hidden message. I have to say, all the acting in this video from all three parties are amazing. And the music video was beautiful plot. You get a sense when time has flown from looking at that candy jar and I am just amazed.

Though the song was not amazingly great and the music video was AMAZING, I have to give this a 7.5/10. Most of it is the video though, but still pretty good.

Though JIN was not nominated at all this year for the BOBs, you can check out the other winners, HERE!!!


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