Men In Black – M.I.B


This by far has to be one of the best songs of the year. Was not a fan of the song until now, but I can still do a review for it right? Well, too bad. Hahaha…. I have not reviewed an M.I.B song for a very long time. The last time was the So It’s Hard For Me, back mid last year. Now, a year and a half later, maybe a little more time to fit a new review in? They made their comeback at the end of July and have amazed fans with such a catchy song. Now, the song is called Men In Black or alternatively Dash. Their name: M.I.B does not stand for “Men In Black” but  instead “Most Incredible Busters”. Hmmm….

The song is really catchy. I am not really a fan of their songs, but I have to admit Men In Black was really good and their latest song, which I happen to forget the title, is quite catchy as well. There is this really cool electro instrumental that actually sounds pretty cool. The rapping here is much better than other songs that they have released in the past. The chorus is not addictive, but really works well. The part that is really catchy is the “modu deuri deuridae modu deuri deuridae” part. Now, there is another section in the lyrics that kind of was excessive which was good, but kind of weird. The list of clothing items the guy owns. Like a lot of “black” items. I also felt like they did a good job with the girls voice, giving the song that difference that sets it a part other songs. Really good song.

Of course when you look at the title, you think Aliens, Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, awkward spies and amazing but weird gadgets right? Well, minus the actors and the aliens, you got yourself a really awkward parody of the famous show. I assume, they get zapped by the Neuralyzer. That silver stick that “clears their memory”. I guess it clears the guys memories and they transformed into the “Men In Black” aka. M.I.B. That or they were injected with some memory drug which transformed them into what fan girls would call: Gods Of Sexiness. Awks. It was interesting, but did not really seemed to be as amazing as the song as I would have expected. Sadly so. But still pretty cool and interesting.

The dance fits the song and is really addictive. Though it is weak compared to the song and really looks like a lousy job by the choreographer, I still think the dance suits the song. Not sure about the expressionless girls though. They look creepy. Like this: (Was going to insert the picture of the Grudge here, but that would be a little too mean.)

8/10. Satisfied and one of their best comebacks yet. I like their latest song, but have not really heard the song that much nor have I seen the music video.


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