Goodbye 20 – Lim Kim


Finally a Lim Kim review. It is my first Lim Kim review and I really wanted to do Alright, but time prevented me from doing so. Sad, I know? Anyway, she debuted as solo artist this year and she comes from the duo Togewrol. The other half of the duo is Denny Do, who had to return to America before the duo could formally debut in South Korea. Alright was an awesome solo debut song, though it took time for me to like the song. Her next few releases were not that great and really lacked appeal. I felt like she returned with such an awesome song.

The song talks about a girl saying goodbye to her age of 20. For those who don’t know (like me), but I am totally sure South Korea recognises teenagers turning into adults at the age of 21. I guess I like the song because of her soulful voice which is really unique and the rough guitar instrumental, which gives the song the more down to earth and earthy feel that the song has. I also like the breakdown of the chorus which makes it sound so good. Not sure about her swearing part though, but I guess it makes sense in this song. I also like how the chorus is totally different to the rest of the song. Like totally different and has a totally different feel as well. Honestly, this is a really good song. Sadly it did not get the recognition that it should.

The music video is not what I expected. It seemed like a music video that would have been awkward to film. But anyway, the music video seemed to be quite cutesy and aegyo which really does not fit the true meaning of the song. There was a lot of balloons of all different shapes and sizes, but beside that nothing really that interesting. Oh beside her gloves on her feet. But I guess that is her way (or the director’s way) of rebelling against the age 20, or the way they would welcome the new age. But yeah, music video was not expected at all.

7/10. Still pretty good, but the music video could have summed up the song a whole heap better.

Before I leave, tomorrow is Christmas Day, which technically means todays Christmas Eve.  That being said, I would like to wish you all:

A safe, joyful and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


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