La Song – Rain


This is part two of the Rain special. If you still have not seen part one (aka. review for 30Sexy), then you can do so by clicking on the link HERE! This is the second song from the pair, with many people finding this new song quite interesting.

Yeah, same goes for this song. Not as great as the hype for it. Though it is mildly better than 30Sexy. I find this song more easily to listen to and it is more pleasant to listen to. But to me, is does not seem to be a style that I would go for. I find it rather awkward to listen at times. For those who have not listened to the song yet, you get this Spanish / Mexican beat to the song, which makes it rather different to the many types of standard songs we have now. I have to say, he made a good effort to make the song sound like it was from Mexico or a European country. But it does not suit him. He sounds good but the chorus seems to put me off. On top of that, the verses does not seem to match the chorus of the song. I think the best conclusion I can make is that the song sounds much better than 30Sexy.

The music video could have been much better. The music video seemed quite dark in feeling for such a upbeat song. Anyway, I have to say: why is twerking the new craze? Like seriously, I thought the Harlem Shake was weird, but twerking just takes internet crazes to a whole new level. People are saying that this song and music video is racially discriminatory, but I don’t find anything wrong with this music video in that sense. Well, beside that scene where the girl’s shadow gets changed. But beside that, all I can see is that the people in this music video are people who really know how to party really well. I see no problem with that. Anyway, the music video is okay, but I would have expected something a little more grand especially for Rain’s comeback and for this song.

The live performance is pretty good. It seems like he sings live, so that is great. And I guess the dance is pretty good. Though this song does not fit his style, It seems like he enjoyed being up there singing this song. Hmmm… I don’t have a problem with this, but he is far too happy on that stage.

5/10. Okay, not that happy with it, but I think it is much better than 30Sexy. Maybe next time I guess?


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