Singing Got Better – Ailee


Ailee has finally returned to the stage with a new song. This time around, she shedded her usual powerful image for a more relaxed and quieter image. The past few songs by the artist has showcased her powerful vocals in a a brighter yet more powerful image. In this comeback, everything seems to have been toned down, but yet she has still managed to wow us all with this amazing song. This song was recorded before her actual debut song, Heaven and has been contended as a comeback song in place of I Will Show You and U&I, however has been pushed back because the other tracks were better. To know this is a song that has been around for quite some time and yet we have not heard it, is pretty amazing. I wonder what other songs she has up her sleeve?

The song this time around is a ballad. It is much different from her previous songs, as they were more of the pop genre. But even though it is a ballad, the song still manages to showcase her vocal ability, proving that she is still the top of the game. Her voice just amazes me everytime she comebacks and I literally believe that everytime she comebacks, her “Singing Got Better”. Too subtle? No? Damn… But anyway, the song is a little slow at the start for me, but that chorus is really good. It is not the best song out there, but this song is pretty high up there at the moment for me. It is great for a change in style for once in a while though. Beside that, there is not really anything to talk about the song. Pretty good!

The music video is okay. I don’t know if this is the correct word to used to describe it, but I found the music video quite “mute”. There is nothing that suggest it is a loud music video. You don’t here what is going on in the video, but we see what is going on in the music video as the song plays in the background. The way Ailee walks as a celebrity further proves this as she walks quietly, without making a loud noise. Or even disturbing society. While the guards are serious about protecting her, she is just in her own world, as if no one is around her. The music video shows her life as a small recording artist and her songwriter boyfriend played by Lee Joon. Poor dude because he always play the role of the player. In Hyuna’s Bubble Pop. He also gets killed in This Is War and Iris. Quite concerning. But anyway, this music video is quite realistic and has a solid plot that I can follow from start to the end.

I am glad she toned her performance down as well. The version you hear when you play the music video is different to the version she sings live. Why? Mainly because I don’t think is needed for her to destroy her voice on stage singing those same high notes day after day.

9/10. Amazing comeback. But seriously, what other songs does she have up her sleeve?

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