Lonely – B1A4

Source: http://www.soompi.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/B1A4-Lonely-MV-Screencap.jpg

It has only been 2 days since these boys released Lonely and their second album, and yet I am here reviewing in it. And don’t worry, I am now swimming in my own sweat. Gross huh?Anyway, the boys returned on Monday and since have been performing strongly on charts, hitting number 1 upon release. It seems like these boys are on the rise. Soon, they will take over KPOP and Korea and who knows what will happen then? But it is quite interesting to see the transition between the different concepts for these boys. Remember their first few days, being the cute boys and now, singing mature ballads and whatnot. Amazing. Seems like they are off to a strong start.

The song is amazing. When I heard the teaser I was unsure. But as soon as I heard the song itself, I threw everything down and made sure I listened to each bit in detail. The odd guitar sound sounds pretty good, but I am unsure if they reflect the song. It is odd sound, but I don’t think they fit “lonely” as well as a normal guitar sound would. It is great that the lines are more evenly spread (Gongchan has two parts in this song that are pretty long). But I still have this problem with Jinyoung. You occupy approximately 60% of the song, leaving your other vocalists with a sad 40% of the song. The rapping by Baro is really good in this song. When you first hear this song, you can understand how sad the song and how much pain the boys must be going through. The bridge to me, does not sound good as compared to the rest of the song. It seems to clash with the free-flowing sound of the rest of the song. But overall, an amazing song. And at least their English has improved.  From “I zoom zoom my heart like a rocket” to “I just want to spend  some time with you”.

The music video is quite interesting as well. The music video scenes with Jinyoung and the girl is pretty good. But as for those “lonely” walking scenes, yeah, they kind of distracted me from the rest of the video as there is nothing going on in the video. I love the artistic nature of the couple scene. Jinyoung desperately tries to hold onto his girl, but it seems like his girls thinks otherwise. Every time she tries to get away (i.e. floats up), he holds onto her. Likewise, when he gets the chance to go with her (get another chance with the girl) he holds back and decides to move on. In the end, he goes up as well, not knowing if he would ever get the chance to meet the girl. Now, I have a few problems with this, even though it is pretty good. Where did the balloons come from and why is there no roof to this house? I assume if there is a roof, she would not get very far. Just my logic. Oh and the dance scene with Jinyoung, Baro and Sandeul: Sandeul is a completely losty.

The dancing to this song I am not sure of yet, since I have not seen any live performances (since none of them exists at the moment). But from the scenes we saw in the music video, they are pretty cool. I am just anticipating the scarf dance they have planned.

8.5/10. Pretty good comeback that may earn this band more awards. With the promising start to the year, maybe it is going to happen.

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