Miniskirt – AOA


AOA recently returned to the stage after promotions of Confused back in October with a new single, titled as Miniskirt. AOA is a good band, but I am not much of a fan of them as I am with other groups. I feel like the whole Ace Of Angel’s concept has been lost with these girls. They used to be a  girl group and a band at the same time, but now only a girl group. What happened to the band side of the group? AOA Black, I think it was what the band unit was called. It was pretty original, but it seems the girls just neglected the whole thing. Quite disappointing. Anyway, the group is back with the exception of member Seolhyun, who was injured prior (like a day or two before) to the comeback. On top of that, the girls are finally getting recognition for their songs, with this song topping charts upon release (according to sources).

Yeah, I was not that excited for this comeback as I was with Confused. Maybe because the whole thing really got overshadowed by other artists coming back at the moment. The song was rather boring to me. There was nothing as great in this song as there was in Confused. Some of the vocals did not match with the instrumental of the song and the chorus itself was not as catchy as it should have been. The rapping from the rapper in this band is really whiney in this song. It is so high pitch and it sounds like a child who has a blocked nose. And the high whistle likes sounds throughout the song were pretty annoying for me to listen to. Usually I would fall for the high notes, but after listening to the live performance, yeah, wow. Not impressed. Even not impressed with the song.

Honestly, I still have not watched the music video prior to writing this review. So hence, here is my reaction to it. There is a lot of emphasis on the thighs in this video. Straight from the start, I think I got a good 5 second look at that girl’s thigh. Wow. Then she proceeds to sleep. I am not a major fan of their black colour dresses. But I really actually enjoy look at them in the red mini skirt and white blouse. Cause damn, they look good in that. Major problem with the car though. Umm… I hoped you park because taking your stockings off in a car that is moving and your a driver is not really as safe as I expected it would be. Also, is that a sofa? Like did you use a sofa as the seat of the car? Well. There really is not much to say about this video. Just girls “showing off” their thighs and mini skirts.

The choreography is alright. Not the best, but it will do. I don’t know, but when they shake their bottoms, I had a scene in my head that the girls dressed up as bunnies. Like the bushy tail? Nope? Okay… I like the zip part of the dance. That was probably the best. The chairs, well, I am leaning to the no no side a little too much there.

2/10. Yeah, not really the best song for me. It was too boring to listen to. Their previous songs were much better.

12 thoughts on “Miniskirt – AOA

  1. I definitely miss AOA’s band side. They were great in Elvis and Moya, but I feel that they are jumping onto the 2014 bandwagon of sexy dances that we’ve already seen so much of.


    1. Yeah, I agree. The band side of AOA is original in the KPOP industry. Elvis was okay, but Moya was quite a let down. But the group could have showcased so much with the band one week and then dance group the next.


      1. Even if the song did get stuck in my head the video makes me cringe. It was a bit too…how should I say this…trying to hard? Oh my gosh, especially the scene with the blue dress falling to the floor. ::Cringing::


      2. Yeah. It seems like the company is doing the same thing with what they did with FT Island and CN Blue. I would not be surprised to find out that AOA is an experimental group and the more successful group will be released in a few years.


      3. Aww, that’s going to be upsetting. If only they realized not to fix something that was already great.
        (Sidenote: A lot of FNC’s recognizable acts are ones that play instruments (Read CNBlue, FTIsland). Maybe from their perspective they thought they should expand)


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