1004 (Angel) – B.A.P

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B.A.P recently returned with their first full length album. Their first album is receiving lots of love from fans. Interesting facts: the band is about to celebrate or have celebrated their 2nd year with fans. And they have already promoted 10 singles. That is pretty good, considering that I did not count follow up songs or pre-releases. Wow. And I think their hard work has finally paid off with the amount of determination from their fans to put them on the top. I don’t want to create fan wars, but I think the success of EXO and VIXX recently has made fans think the B.A.P’s awards are long overdue. And I agree. These boys should have won something by now with the standard in which their songs are being released at.

This time around, it seems the boys have dropped their hardcore tough guy image, for a more softer and more romantic image. The song is titled as 1004. When you say 1004 (Chunsah), you get “Angel”, the English title of the song. Honestly, I am impressed with this, but the numbers seem kind of random. Is there a need for the numbers or is “Angel” had enough to say? Mainly because I am looking at the translation, but there is no reference to a number. It seems the boys have toned it down largely, especially after their latest Korean comeback, Badman, was more of a tough guy type of image.  Now, the raps seem to have a lot more of “love” emotion in it and on top of that, the raps are not as powerful. Also Daehyun and Youngjae’s vocals have been toned down to suit the song more, giving it more emotion. There is no hardcore high notes in this song, but rather a more softer voice from the fans. On top of that, Himchan and Jongup are finally getting recognition. They both are overshadowed in the vocals department, but it seems like they are making it up in this song. I like the instrumental. t is much different from their other songs, but still has that great B.A.P impact they we always expect. Honestly, I really like this song. To be precise, I am digging this song a lot. Good work B.A.P!

The music video is interesting. Though, I think through the many music videos we have seen from the band, there are a few things I am sure we all can conclude. B.A.P always meets death when it comes to guns and I don’t think it is quite logical to give anything that could kill Himchan to Himchan. Yeah I guess I am copying a gif but in word format. But seriously, they die in One Shot, Himchan takes his life in this video. In Song Ji Eun’s solo, Going Crazy, he ends up dying as well. So, there is something going on here. But the acting in this music video is pretty cool. I really like the set and how it corresponds with the lyrics. I think though there is no solid plot to this video, it was shot really well. There is no shaky movement, but to match the song, a smooth transition. Even the dance is quite smooth,which matches the video and song as well. I particualy like Youngjae’s part of the video, where he is lost in the maze of mirrors and just breaks down. Bit exaggerated, but still pretty good. Bang Yong Guk’s scene touches on isolation, which is pretty cool. Not sure about Daehyun though. Flipping an hour glass is not that dramatic in my books.

I wrote far too much in this review. The dance is awesome, it matches the song as I said above with its smoothness. The music video is also quite good and so is the song. Really amazing.9.5/10.


3 thoughts on “1004 (Angel) – B.A.P

  1. Late 1 yr for a comment, but with the latest release of young wild and free, let me say I absolutely love dance part between zelo and jongup at the beggining of their live performance.


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