Drawing The Line – Royal Pirates

Source: http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/w5c9H302jzk/maxresdefault.jpg

The rookie group, Royal Pirates, recently made their first comeback after their debut with Drawing The Line. They have been around since forever, but only debuted recently last year with the song Shout Out. Now, that they are back and it seems that the band is gathering more fans than ever before. Shout Out was more of a rock song, while this song is a little more light hearted and less serious. They are all American and ever since this song came out, I have been questioning my virtual life. How have I not heard of this band before?? Seriously, all my friends are raging on about this band and then there is me going “Whose that?”. I know, I should be disappointed in myself.

This song is freaking amazing. Like so amazing, I am seriously “Drawing The Line” here. Hahahaha… Oh god, please stop me. Anyway, at first I tried my best to stay away from this group. Like far away as possible, cause I never liked their debut song and thought it would be a repeat of the same events. I was wrong and I admit it. It is really catchy, and I think KPOP has been lacking the instrumental band playing groups for quite some time. All I see are dances and not enough instrumental and vocal works, so I guess why I like it. Can I liken this song to a drug, because it is really catchy. There is also an English version of the song which is also featured on the mini album, but I am not fond of the English version as much as I am for the Korean Version. The song talks about how they want this girl, however the girl just “draws the lines” and basically stops any “love messages” from coming through. Something a lot like in reality. Hahaha… Wow, what a proper song for Valentine’s Day!

Never actually fully watched the video, mainly because I don’t have enough time to watch anything nowadays. I can’t even keep up with my subscription lists on YouTube! I don’t have a problem with the video, but I get the feeling the director is really a major tight arse. Also, was the photographer dancing? Or is that what all photographers do? Cause my school photos will make me smile much more if that is the case. That slap on one of the members seem to hurt a lot. And why are they trying their best to “woo” more than one girl? Like, umm… I can see why she drew the line mate. You just made it obvious by getting a little personal with two girls. In one room, one after the other. I like how they just start randomly playing the song during the interview. Talk show host is a total party pooper and Brad, where did you come from? Those are just my lovely observations. I liked the video overall, even though I questioned a lot. It made me smile. Hahaha…

8/10. It was really nice and made me smile. On such a lonely day for me. Happy Valentine’s Day for all!


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