So Wonderful – Ladies Code


This is the first Ladies Code review ever on this website and guess who is excited! So these girls have been named one of the hottest rookies of 2013 and released Bad Girl (which was a boring song in my opinion) and Pretty Pretty. But why should I review those songs when there is a new song that was just recently by the band which combines the first two and a new song together? Efficiency. No, it was just a clear incident that the songs became one this time around. I was excited for their teasers and the song is just ______________________________. Can’t say much, because I might as well finish the review off here then.

But what is there to say? I am literally speechless from how amazing this song is. Wait one moment, let me grab a thesaurus. This song is wonderful, astonishing, marvellous and down right good. I literally have no complaints with the song. It is actually the first Ladies Code song that I found so great. Bad Girl to me was not a great song, while Pretty Pretty was okay, but it lacked something. This song however ticks all the right boxes. It has great vocals, the instrumental is amazing and the lyrics is so sensible. Hmm… The instrumental. I think I am turning into a person who would dig the saxophone. Those saxophone sounds at the start were bliss. And “So So So Wonderful” is really catchy. You would be kidding yourself if you did not find that part catchy. It was like the “Yeppeo Yeppeo” part in Pretty Pretty.

My first impression was if the video had to be that dark. This video was way to dark and kind of conflicted with the whole “wonderful” concept. It was good, but I can’t really see anything with the darkness. The girls are like mannequins or statues that are living. But that guy does not realize. Even though you like him, I think you guys can just move along, especially how he does not notice you guys living. And the fact that 5 of you are into one guy who cares for the others in the exact same way he does to you, is another thing that should realize. I find the guy old, so I don’t really think the age gap would help you. However, it was quite nice of him to create new arms for you, armless mannequin. Yeah, how they are staring at him and stuff is really creepy. I like the dancing set where they took all of the set placed in the back ground. Once again, a little too dark, but overall pretty okay.

As soon as I saw the performance, I just thought Nobody. Anyone else like me? Those microphone stands just bring me back to the time I discovered KPOP. “I want nobody nobody but you”. Whoops wrong review. But everything is suspiciously similar. Don’t know if they borrowed the concept or copying, but it suits these girls really well. Or maybe they are the next Wonder Girls? I enjoyed the dance overall.

8/10. This comeback is “so so so wonderful”. I wonder if a remixed version for this song will come out.


2 thoughts on “So Wonderful – Ladies Code

    1. Bebop’s new song is very different and I like it too. But I don’t think I will be able to do a review. When I have time, most probably, but I don’t have time at the moment. Maybe around Easter?


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