Peppermint Chocolate – Mamamoo ft. K.Will & Wheesung


Hello once again. I apologise for my absence. I was meant to write and publish this review on the Monday, but I guess homework got in the way once again. But anyway, I am back and probably will be writing a whole heap of reviews to be able to schedule them for the next few weeks. Today, I will be reviewing a new rookie group. Wow. Like already 32569050 rookie groups and here I am trying my best to review them. On top of that, Mamamoo, a girl group consisting of members Solar, MoonByul, WhaSa and WheeIn, recruited the help of hit soloists K.Will and Wheesung to be in this song. For those who don’t know, this group debuted in January with the song Don’t Be Happy, featuring Bumkey. I guess this is their comeback, but then again, they really did not promote their other song as well. But not only that, but VIXX’s Hongbin and N participated in the music video of this song as well. But enough background info, on with the review.

This song is freaking amazing. Honestly, I love it and it has to be the new song I am currently digging. That retro and jazzy vibe this song has mixed up with the electro instrumental sound like the most sexiest couple in the world got together and had babies, who were equally as sexy. The rapping in this song is prefect. I cannot ask for more. The vocals are equally amazing. Though I think the girls should have contributed a little more vocal work to the song, putting K.Will and Wheesung into the song makes it quite popular. Now, I know this band has four members. But from start to end, I feel like I only heard one person. I don’t know if I like that or not, but it seems to be pretty original. The song is about comparing love to sweets and candies. Original right? Also, the whole sound of the song overall is much different to any song out there at the moment and probably any song in the future to come. They pulled this song off really well.

The music video is also quite good. I love the filtering of the colours in the video. I don’t know why, but I find this music video really pleasant to watch. There is not much going on and it is overly cluttered. I would say there is a plot, but for some reason this video is not large on the plot. It is more focus on showing off the members in a fashion show kind of sense which I really like. Those colourful scenes look quite retro and really brings back the good retro feel to the song and video. The music video is quite low budget, but I like how they covered it up with the editing and the lighting in the video. I guess the plot of the video is basically some people trying to find the “love pill” of love. Now that sounds absolutely disgusting and gross, but hey, it fits the title of the song. Also, bringing VIXX’s N and Hongbin into the music video make the whole thing so much bigger.

Please don’t tell me I am the only one who loves this song. 10/10. No ifs and no buts. Last week I asked which Gain song you guys preferred, and it seemed like FxxK U was enjoyed the most. Truth Or Dare came in second. Both songs came in third place. YAY! At least someone out there enjoyed the mini album as well. But also enjoy this song as well.

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