Justice – C-Clown

Source: https://kpopreviewed.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/8d000-80131471_097.jpg

It is my second C-Clown review. Yay! Finally I have grasped the chance to review this band. Last time, I think it was Shaking Heart. And their releases since then were not as great as I had expected. This band has really good potential, but I guess they are still trying to experiment with the way they should go, and that phase is really annoying. One of my friends is a hardcore fan of the band and it is quite interesting. Though I don’t follow the band as much, I actually think this is a good image for them. That tough guy image. I feel like if I continue with this intro I am going into review territory.

Justice is one hell of a song. Like seriously, it is really catchy for me. I was never that impressed with any of the other songs from the band, but this song is really amazing. They are slowly getting recognise for their talent, which is amazing. There is that tough sounds in the group. I think also, this is what the music sounded like a few back when KPOP was in its prime stage. Yes, I went there. The current sound of KPOP is really not up to a good standard but this song gives me that great feel I experienced a few years back. The instrumental of this song is really intense. That gong sound gives it that more oriental feel, which to me fits the song really well. The song is really fast and I love that about it. The “boom chikichikichikichiki ah” is so amazing, I feel like dancing to it. The rap is intense. The vocals, yeah could have been a little more powerful, as too me, it was leaning towards the weaker side of things. But overall this song is amazing.

This more powerful image fits the boys a lot. But that phone call sound at the start is just a major no no for me. The set for this is pretty good. Fire, boxing and a throne to show who is the boss in this set. And that is the end of this paragraph. There really is nothing for me to complain about or anything to actually comment on expect for the dance and set. But onto the dance. The dance is pretty hardcore. A new hardcore dance group has been born. I like how the dance is a mashup between dancing hip hop and then martial arts. Throwing punches and stuff really fits the image of the tough guy. Really cool dance that would be too intense for me to even lift a finger to even attempt it.

8.5/10. Hopefully, this group does not drop off my radar anymore. Hopefully I will be able to get to review their next project. Woo!

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