Full Moon – Sunmi ft. Lena

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Sunmi is finally back with her first mini album. After receiving much love with 24 Hours, her solo debut song which almost got her to the 1st place on charts, he has gone for a vampire concept which is receiving lots of praises from fans and other listeners. Wow, I feel sorry for Sunmi. She is a very strong artist who I can literally say is successful, but her comeback is overshadowed by SNSD and 2NE1. On top of that, last time, she came so freaking close, but lost it to EXO and I think maybe G-Dragon. I think I speak on behalf of like the KPOP population, fan or not, but this lady deserves an award. Just give it to her. Yeah, totally not bias at all…

Wow, at first when I heard the teaser I was quite unsure whether Sunmi could have pulled this song off. It just did not sound like her. But when we got to the actual song, I was definitely wrong. Her vocals this time around was much stronger than 24 Hours which complimented the concept of her new mini album. On top of that, despite the song sounding quite pop-ish at times, I found the song to sound quite creepy. Her husky voice matched the song and even though she is not known for her vocals (but her feet) she manages to pull off the song really well. The chorus is also quite good, especially the “Eh, Eh” part which sounded really good. On the other hand, I am quite torn about the rap. A part of me was feeling the rap, but another part of me felt it just made the song quite weak. Though, Lena is a good rapper, I was not as convinced that the song needed a rap sequence. But regardless, a really good song.

The music video fits the vampire concept really well. I assume her friend was about to die or was sick somehow, and to put him out of his misery, Sunmi the vampire bit him, so they are immortal forever. I guess they were lovers, or she had a long term crush on him and wanted him to stay alive. I have to say, this video is rather creepy. The lighting was amazing. Her pale face made it look so real. And those transitions, where they moved from one place to another was really well done. I liked it. The plot did not take up much of the video. Actually in fact, it took up like 20% of the video, the rest are just of Sunmi and her backup dancers. The music video was quite nice to watch overall and was not that bad.

The dance is amazing. I love the boob tapping dance and the full moon shapes they do above their heads for the chorus. This dance fitted the title and the concept really well. Yeah, I am surprised she is singing even though she is stepping on a narrow couch top thing. What would happen if she lost her balance? One thing I did not like about the performance was in fact the rapper herself. So here the girls in dark costumes and Lena decides to walk out with a snap back and a basketball shirt on? Yeah, that is a big no no for me.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the comeback. Let’s just hope she wins!!! 8/10.

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