Don’t Tease Me – Speed


Speed, the male subunit of the really big group, COED school, has finally made their comeback with Don’t Tease Me. Known for really powerful and complex choreography, the band  has returned with more of a circus theme comeback, rather than their serious electro debut they had. They made a joint comeback with two new songs. The other one, which I won’t review, Why I’m Not?, was a really boring song that I won’t even go near or even touch. Don’t Tease Me on the other hand is so much better. There is two versions to their song, the (what I assume to be) rap version and the voice version. Don’t know why but these songs sounds exactly the same to me. But on with the review.

Vocals, spot on. Rapping, spot on. I have no complaints with this song whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with the song. I find it really amazing. The instrumental gives it that circus theme that the whole comeback revolves around. In the whole song, I was not once ever disappointed and even though I cringe when there is a song full of rapping, I actually find it really suit the band and the song. The instrumental is really catchy and gives off a fun vibrant feeling to the song. I think the song talks about a guy who was left by his former girlfriend, but now acts like hell towards her because of the pain she gave him. Interesting concept, giving that more playful look on the song.

There actually is no proper music video from this band. Actually the “official” music video is just them performing at their recent solo concert. So I am going to skip straight to the dance part of the review. The dancing is so cool. Kids, don’t try this at home!!! Last time they were tutting (remember when that was the trend?) and now they are doing back flips and stunts that I think I would see in a circus or action movie only. Seriously, so they will have no more proper dancing styles to attempt. But, really the back-flips looked awesome and the “Don’t Tease Me” part where they were slapping their butts as a sign of intimidation was really cool as well.

10/10. Wow that was a really cool comeback. Do check it out! This review is pretty short though. Hopefully I can keep some of these pretty short for the future as well. It takes me a good hour to write one of these, mainly because I procrastinate a lot.


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