Can’t Stop – CN BLUE


CN Blue has finally returned with a more softer image. Move over rock side of the band, welcome to the world ballad side. It has been a year since we last saw the band as a whole promoting a new song on the stage. Their previous song, I’m Sorry, was a major hit and did pretty well on charts. After countless number of individual activities through solo song promotions and dramas, we finally get to see them in flesh. Almost every song they have released has always been a hit and this song proves it. Despite the competition they have at the moment, the band managed to capture their first win this Wednesday. Congratulations!

The song is more of a ballad rather than that really addictive rock song that we tend to here. It has been toned down from their last song, which to me is really disappointing. But needlessly to say, this song is pretty good itself as well. I am just not used to this softer side of the band. However, this song I think is equally as good as their previous songs. The instrumental is really subtle and for some reason, i am not troubled by it. I don’t know why but a few songs (most of which I have not reviewed) sound kind of weird, but this song is pretty good. The piano at the start really suited the song. And I liked how the other instruments were slowly added to the song. The chorus was really cool and catchy. Not as addictive as other songs, but still pretty good. The vocals are kind of weak in my point of view. The voices are a little whiny in my opinion. Jonghyun sounds really awkward and I think he suits more of a fast paced song than any other. But still pretty good!

The music video was pretty boring in my point of view. Though the song was great, the music video dragged out for a very long time. Not sure about CN Blue’s obsession with foreign girls though. They look awkward together. I find it really weird that they chose the most popular member to  be the lead actor, but I have to say he is pretty good. Looks like Yonghwa is a professional (I don’t watch K Dramas, well beside Melody of Love at the moment). He portrays the role pretty well. I like the whole idea of the mirror acting as a passage way into both worlds. There are two things I just find that does not work at all. Yonghwa makes a sound that is loud enough for her to hear. She looks towards Yonghwa, but then turns her head in the opposite direction. Like, I think a mirror making the sound would capture your attention straight away… I don’t believe it. Also, it really ticked me off how the smashed glass pieces became coloured balls. You know, how that just ruined the pleasant feel of the video. I expected literally smashed glass, not some randomly 2 year old play pen balls. But beside those two complaints, the music video was pretty cool.

8/10. Not bad, just some mild things that did not sit right with me. Go CN BLUE!!!



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