Thank You Very Much (Celebrating over 400 reviews!!!) – BESTie


BESTie recently made their comeback with a brand new song, Thank You Very Much. It has been a couple of months after their promotions of their single Love Options which earned them more fans. And I need more help writing these introductions. Oh wait, what a surprising song title. Considering that I have hit 400 reviews. Well, to be precise, I went past 400 a week or two ago, I just forgot… Whoops. “Thank You Very Much”, just not in the context of the song. But seriously, thank you for your ongoing support. This stress and managing it relieves so much stress in my life. Thank you once again. But lets continue with this review!!!

This song, honestly, is quite a disappointment. There really is nothing there that I find amazing or actually anything that keeps me appealed to the song. I found it really boring and monotone in a way. Love Options has this really funky beat, but this song just had this kind of “meh” attitude to it. I don’t really like it that much. Though I have to admit, it is catchy, but it just does not sit well with me. The vocals and rapping in this song is so so and honestly, it is not the best song out there at all. Even, their debut song, which was a so so song sounded much more upbeat than this. This is just that really boring pop song you would hear once in a while on the streets, that no one pays attention to. This song talks about a breakup, but how it made the girl stronger. Great concept behind the song, just really boring way to show it.

The music video is also quite mute. Another “meh” type of attitude, which is basically going to lead everyone to not caring. I am a fan of these girls, but this comeback seemed so rushed. This music video just basically shows how the girls are enjoying their single life, particularly how one of them went through a break up recently. Okay, cool. But it was not great. And who goes out these days (unless you are riding a bike or motorcycle) with a helmet? Like seriously. And that car driving scene… That driver was seriously distracted for most of the trip. How on earth did they survive? Anyway, another complaint was the excessive amount of lights. To be precise, flashing lights. Boy was that distracting. But these was one thing I loved about the video and that was the arcade. It has been forever since I have been to one. I want to go!!!

The dance is okay. Nothing that major. The really high pitch “ow!” part was pretty cool and the start of the song rapping bit was pretty cool.

Not impressed overall. But it was okay. 4/10.

Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Let’s try aiming for 500 reviews… Sometime at the end of the year or early next year I think. Too busy this year. Hahahaha…


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