Be A Man – MBLAQ


MBLAQ is back after almost a year gone from the stage. This time around, then have toned their comeback down for a more slower song. If you thought Smoky Girl was good, this song is better. MBLAQ’s last comeback was disappointing, but I am really digging this new song and I think it is amazing. LOL. That sets the whole review. Anyway, once again, I am having writer’s block and probably ain’t gonna finish this paragraph, so I am just going to leave.

This song is amazing. This song has that ballad feel, but how the boys make it into a dance song really confuses me, but hey it works in the end. The song is pretty catchy. I really like the part after the chorus. Probably the best part of the whole song for me. I really like the subtle rap. Here the softer rapping, which was quite limited fitted the song really well. I am saying this because I never like my rapping to be combined with ballads, but only if you are a good enough rapper who make get yourself to feel the song. Mir here handles it pretty well. The chorus is pretty good as well, but not as memorable as other parts. The song actually builds up until the end and I really like that. Once again, the song is pretty good and you ought to to check out the song.

The music video is so so. It looks like a barn recreated for a music video. Like, I don’t think the sand flooring would have fitted the music video anyway. I like how the cameras go in and out, but at the same time, that lighting in that square room ticked me off a bit. Though I liked the subtle lighting for their solo shots. It gives the video that extra bit of meaning to it. The music video does not focus much on the member’s faces, but instead, just their silhouette, which looks really cool. Though the lighting could have been been better for the whole video overall. Another thing that I am going to say which is kind of hypocritical, but I am glad that this video is that monotone. Imagine with a whole heap of colour. Yeah, you cannot.

The dance is pretty cool, though I am iffy about a few parts. I really like the part after the chorus, as I mentioned it above as my most favourite part.

8/10. These boys deserve an award. Especially that little accident that they got with their clothes burning, I think it is about time they get a new award to add to their collection. Amazing comeback.


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