Beat – 100%


100% has recently made their comeback with a new song. I think it has less than a year since we last saw the band. If my memory works properly today, I think there used to be 7 members, but one guy left the group and also another left unexpectedly for the army… Talk about a shocking exit from the group. But now they have comeback with a much more dark concept that had a lot of people talking. Have you seen their music video??? But first the review for the song.

The song itself is pretty good.  Though it is not a memorable song that I think everyone would like, I actually enjoyed the quality of the song. I really like the “rough” start of the song with that really addictive beat. The vocals are amazing. The chorus is pretty catchy. My only compliant probably would be the bridge of the song. It feels out of place in the song, but still manages to pull the song pretty well. The song itself needed a more powerful rap. The rap at the moment seems to be very soft and monotone, but, and I should not do this, but I think it would have been better with a VIXX’s Ravi style rap, which is more powerful. Not particularly sure about the end, still good, but it closes off the song a little too sudden. But overall, the song was pretty good.

The music video was pretty boring in my point of view. I find the plot line interesting, but how they expressed in the plot in visual formats pretty monotone. I assume the girl seduced this dude, but then this dude was like played or something and ended up being frozen (reminds me of a video. Can you guess which one?). I think she has played many other guys, hence why at the end, there is just a whole heap of dead bodies. I assume the same thing has happened in the past, as that girl looked pretty devastated. I think the lighting fitted the video an the piano start was also included in the music video, in a much creepier way than I expected. I also like the dance parts in the video, the camera is shakey and the angles make it look much better, so okay music video!

The dance was so so. I was not that fond of it. The live performance overall as not that interesting. I would play the live, but go to another tab, which could illustrate how boring it was. Main point of the dance was the ripping out the heart dance, but I think 2PM already covered that part, so that is why I thought it was so so. Not that it was not original, that it was already done before. And this dance did that same move like 24 times for the chorus which was making it more boring.

6/10. Song was pretty cool. Music video and dance could have been more better. 

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