At First – JJCC


A new boy band has formed in Korea. *Gasp* Only joking, big deal… But this band is not a big deal. JJCC is a KPOP formed by Jackie Chan who is taking his stab in the Korean music industry. The name is a little too much for me to handle. According to the company, the name is pronounced as “Double JC”. Yeah… My reaction right there. The 5 members of his band includes SimBa,, EDDY, San-Cheong and Prince Mak (I think it is time we have a talk to people who give out these names…). Something interesting to note, that Prince Mak (a fellow Australian) is not in the music video, mainly because he was injured. But hey, he is still on stage. I did also mention before this is Jackie Chan’s group, and surprisingly, I did not expect it. (And I really do think, he handled the group’s debut really well). The group is get a lot of interest because of the world-famous actor. That is my lovely intro to the band, on with the review.

The song is pretty cool. I have to admit that. The song contains these really soothing vocals from the band which I really enjoy. They sound pretty good harmonizing with each other. The vocals are much stronger than the actual instrumental of the song. Like all I hear are the vocals and they are loud enough to be called an acapella. Though I am not complaining, the song should be a lot longer. Hovering below the 3 minute mark, to me really is not a proper song to listen to. Anyway, the rapping in this is pretty good. That lead or main vocal has a really good voice out of all. But the whole band has really good voices. Even the rapper has a voice that suits the song really well, with a deep and husky voice. Overall a pretty good song to start of their career.

The music video did remind me of EXO’s Mama. Not as big and loud as EXO’s MAMA but the “super powers” these boys possesses reminds me of their music video. Tears that create fire, and an amazing power to do graffiti. Say what? Okay, Okay. Hold up. This music video is a little confusing for me. But that graffiti looked a lot like Miss A’s Don’t Need A Man graffiti. Also, that warehouse that has been used a million of times have been getting on my nerves. Speed Zombie Part, I think UKISS’s Standing Still and countless other music videos have been shot in that warehouse. Like why do the same place need to be used. If it is their debut song and video, at least give them the attention they deserve.

This group, does not rely on dance as much as their vocals. It is a pretty slow dance that fits the song that really does not bore the audience. I lied about that last point, it did bore me a little, but I kept on listening to their lives just for their vocals and the song.

Song is pretty good. Music video and dance: not so much. 6/10. Still a solid start to their career though.


3 thoughts on “At First – JJCC

  1. I kind of love JJCC already but that dance is not something you would expect from a group that is produced by the Jackie Chan…it did bore me a little as well :S


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