Zombie Party – SPEED

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SPEED is back with a new song. After their release of Don’t Tease Me in February, the group returned once again in March and then once again in April. But let’s take the songs one at a time, okay? The group released Zombie Party as a single in March. Though this song was not formally promoted on the stages (there are only like 2 live stages for this group), the boys still manage to do well with their amazing skills and song. That is all for the intro. I realize I have been late for the past few days with reviews, so…

This song is pretty amazing. It is not your typical song. I thought it would be something along the lines of 100% or VIXX dark style songs, but instead, the band came out with a really cool and fun song. Most of the song has the high ptch type of vocals, which to me, really does not fit the boys that well. However, as they got to the chorus, the song started to get that much better. It was like a punch to the ace. It is catchy and really showcases the fun side of the song. The song itself contains a really good party beat instrumental which sounds pretty cool. I have to complain though, their English is pretty Engrish? Well, they pronounce Zombie Party as Jombie Part and Breath Now? I am not going to stay anything for that final part. Going to run away.

The music video is too dark. Like I cannot see anything. Anything I can see, however, is covered by the fast transition from scenes to different camera angles. Nothing stayed more than 1 second. It is like their company is pulling off another T-Ara music video such as Day By Day. Also, was the need for flashy lights required? Cause out of all of the bad points of the music video, I have to hate that the most. On top of that, we are in that same abandoned warehouse again. It is the same one guys. It is like that room that KPOP starts enjoyed filming themselves ion last year. And really beside that, the intro was okay and the ending with the Michael Jackson thriller laugh (that scene always scared me as a child) was kind of misused. Okay, we get the leader is smiling, but shouldn’t something happen to prove that he is a zombie. Like a flash of zombie colour or something, cause that smile can be anything. So yeah, to be honest, crappy music video.

As for the dance, it is fun and fits the song. Nothing much to complain. Like the use of the female human there. Hahahaha… I kid. No, but Shannon is a really good dancer and her addition to the dance gives it more of that creepy factor that we all want from a song about Zombies.

I have to say, the music video was the worst part of the comeback. For a song that was not formally promoted like Don’t Tease Me or their most recent song, which the title slipped my mind, this song is pretty cool. 7/10. If only they got a perfect music video. 

One thought on “Zombie Party – SPEED

  1. If it wasn’t for “Don’t Tease Me” and listening to their album, I wouldn’t probably wouldn’t have noticed. It doesn’t seem that their videos have enough effort put into them. I heard Don’t Tease Me… thought it was amazing song… checked the the album…loved it… looked at the music videos and was confused. I couldn’t tell if they were actual music videos lol I agree though, their songs are great!


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