Mr. Chu – A Pink


APINK is finally back with a new song to the delight to their fans. After rumours that APINK were going to drop the cute concept which they were famous for came spilling into the media, the group returned boldly with the cute concept. And boy did they make it work really well. The girls are now one of the top groups in Korea, last week taking top place on all the weekly music shows (that includes Show Champion, MCountdown, Music Bank Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo) and on top of that the band has also ranked really high on the real time charts. Though this comeback did gather mix reactions from fans, the band still managed to pull it off and showed those who criticised who really owned the stage.

And this is another song which was really boring for me. No No No was really amazing, while Mr. Chu really sounded boring and monotone. However after repeated listening to this song, this song quickly became the song of the week for me, as I replayed it over and over again. Who wouldn’t do that, especially if they are listening to a bunch of cute girls singing about you? But i have one thing. This “Chu” business really annoys me. It is the cute way of saying “you” but “Chu” gets very annoying for me. Mainly because I sit there are work out what they are really trying to say for some lines. But to say it again, I found this song just that little too boring for me. No No No was catchy, while this song probably is not that catchy and does not sound as good as the one released from last year. I really like the instrumental to the song, it sounded very crisp and clear as if it was like a “crystal like” structure. Overall, a good song, but not as good as No No No.

The music video is really really boring. Though it looked cool, I did not find a reason to go back and listen to it. The girls were like obsessed over this guy to the point where they break into his locker and stuff a lot of presents in there. Though I have to say some parts were creative, such as the ball bouncing while the girls just sat or stood on the caught, the music video itself was quite monotone. Not entirely sure about this tennis theme music video as well, it just seems superficial to me. Also, that girl sitting on the locker while the guy was looking into the locker. Shouldn’t the guy have noticed her, like someone is sitting on top of the lockers, the only lockers in the whole room, I think it would have been a little obvious. And to those saying that APINK is copying F(x) with the school costume concept, wow. School concepts are apparently F(x)’s. Which basically mean Wolf concpets are EXO’s and hip hop is Big Bang’s. Interesting. -.- (Those types of fans really annoy me.)

The dance is quite cute. Though it is not as memorable as No No No or My My, the group manages to pull it off. I felt that after No No No, the choreography would be pretty hard. Hence why I think this time around it is not as great as expected. But still quite cute.

Okay, so a good song, good music video and good dance. To be nice, 7.5/10. 

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