Uh-ee – Crayon Pop

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Odd name for a song hey? But if you want something wacky and literally out of this world, it seems like Crayon Pop got you covered. After Lonely Christmas and their hit song Bar Bar Bar, the band has finally returned with a new song, Uh-ee. This time they are taking everything to a whole new level. Going for something I don’t think anyone has ever seen, these girls managed to pull such a proud concept. On top of that, they are also ranking quite high on the charts and their fan charts also show off the popularity Korean fans and international fans have for them. As they all say: Crayon Pop will slay. I also apologise for my absence. This should have come out a few days ago (aka. Monday) however I have been so busy. I have finished majority of my homework, still have quite a bit to go. And I lose Easter break because of family functions.  But hey, here I am eating grapes and writing this review. So don’t judge.

This song is so freaking addictive to listen to. I am sorry, but is it me or this song is not getting enough publicity? Hands down, this is the best song currently this month and I think it is definitely award worthy. We get this video game type of instrumental which sounds freaking amazing. As soon as I heard the song, I just think to myself “Why does my body want to dance so suddenly?” Like this song will get you up and moving about. The vocals for this song goes hand in hand.  The instrumental only part at the start was freaking cool. The chorus is cool. Don’t you just want to sing along? And Way’s rapping is totally awesome. There is one complaint I have to make. I think Crayon Pop is relying too much on Bar Bar Bar to do anything now. Lonely Christmas had the “Pop Pop Pop” part in it and this song ends with a Bar Bar Bar sequence as well. Though I am not sure if the lyrics fits the song or not, but to me, it seems like the band is getting a little too far with piggy backing on a song that earned them fame.

The music video is pretty cool. We get a ball like theme, as the girls trade their helmets for really stunning black dresses, which I find really suits them. They look so adorable. Then the song starts and they breaking up the party with their really cool “Ahjumma” style clothing, with those scarves on their heads. Basically something you would find in the Korean country side. I just love all the aspects in this music video. We can see a clear distinct or well-funded. No more white screens backdrops for these girls, they are out in the real world guys. Something I think many entertainment companies must think about. One minor complaint, and that is towards the bald guy. Yeah, he seemed a little annoying in the whole music video mainly because he seemed to be the odd one out and jumping around as if he was the 6th long-lost member of the group. Wait a minute…

The dance is really cool. The chorus was amazing and I have to say those the steps are quite easy, I think the start of it was the best part. Fitted the feeling of the song emphasising the strong fun feel from the song. Bar Bar Bar is really good for your legs, and this dance is probably really good for cardio. I am not fitness expert, but this song and dance might actually work.

Small complaints here and there, but still an awesome comeback. Award worthy right here. 9/10


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