Ooh Ooh – Eric Nam ft. Hoya (Infinite)

Source: http://www.love-kpop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/31.jpg

Eric Nam is back with a brand new song. It has been over a year since we last saw the man himself on stage promoting a song, the last being his debut single: Heaven’s Door. Since then, he has picked up on being a host for a show called After School Club and I believe have sung many OSTs. Now that he is back, we see what seems to be a more fun side to him. If you don’t remember him, he is that contestant on one of those variety music competitions in Korea which got him well-known. Eric Nam also collaborated with labelmate Spica’s BoA for a cover of Say Something, which was amazing and that you can watch it HERE. I also believe it is my first review for a Monday where I have school the next day. I still have school tomorrow, I just cannot be a whole day in the rain for athletics. Oh the joy.

This song is pretty good. I really enjoyed and it sounds really, really well done. Giving off that 70-80 vibe in the song, the song is pretty cool. The song itself also features Hoya who does a pretty amazing job with the rapping in the song, while at the same time, not ruining the “vocal” line of the song. The start of the song is a really good start to an amazing song, which leads to a really soft vocal part from Eric, but then bam, the chorus. It makes you want to dance along. Another thing I want to mention, is that throughout the whole song, the instrumental remained constant. There were no major fluctuations between the speed of the instrumental or the loudness which makes it a pleasant song. Well, expect for the bridge, but that lasted for like 15 seconds until it picked up again, which was pretty good. The song talks about how this guy finds the perfect girl whom he (or she) does not even know, but everything about her is perfect. I have no complaints what so ever.

The music video. Oh boy. I think you know what I am talking about. Those socks have to go. LOL. Just joking. That stereo with the click of a finger needs to be in my house NOW. Wait, I can’t click my fingers together. Wait, not that. Anyway. The music video is pretty cool (not for that reason, I am not perverted). But that first scene was mildly hilarious for me, mainly because I am trying to see if he had buttoned up any extra buttons, cause it looked like it either fell out or he completely failed. And also, I really like how Kevin, BoA and Brian from Busker Busker was used in this video. Well I shouldn’t say it in that way. But their appearance gives off a good vibe for the video. The set is amazing (though I think one was a little too dark for me, but the flashing lights lightened up the place). But beside that, not really tough complaints.

The dance is pretty catchy. A lot of clicking, and I think it only consisted of the hand movements. Also the dude filling in for Hoya is pretty good.

Anyway, the school managed to cancel the athletics think I was talking to about (at the worst hour possible), so I am in a somewhat happy mood. 9/10

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