200% – Akdong Musician

Source: http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/0Oi8jDMvd_w/maxresdefault.jpg

I am sorry that I am extra slow with the reviews. School is back and I am dying here. But at the same time, I trying to drag out the time between each review so I can be able to post reviews. As you can tell, KPOP has had no significant releases in the past few weeks and we are all not sure of the next few weeks as well. A few comebacks have been confirmed for May, but since the World Cup is coming up, most of the companies have pushed the comebacks to July. But anyway. The famous duo has finally made their debut. YAY!!! Akdong Musician, for those who don’t know, are siblings who started off on one of those Korean music survival shows and have made it big, prior to their debut. Literally, I think most fo the fans know of these two. The duo consist of Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun, who actually live in Mongolia. Interesting hey? Also, the male part of the duo is actually my age (and we are only 2 months a part). Hahahaha… Those are some interesting facts, let’s continue right?

This song is, to me, pretty good. I don’t really expect much, but some parts of the song I really like, but the other parts kind of were not to my liking. You know what I mean? They have taken Korea by storm and have won numerous awards, which they have earned. The song is a really great Spring time song. It is fun and vibrant. I don’t mind the guy’s rap, however was it a good combination for a Spring time song and such a fun song, not really sure. I did like the girl’s vocals and the chorus when both of them sing add this extra romantic feel to the song . I find the “It’s must be l.o.v.e, 200%”, where they pronounce 200 in Korean. It sounds really nice. I also liked the bridge of the song. It gave it a nice touch. Now I did not look it up, but I assume the song talks about the feelings that this person have towards their first love.

This music video to me was so so. And I guess it talks about the girl’s first love. We see this girl who is like the worst person ever to have a crush on someone. Like giggling like that kind of ruin the fact that your in love with him and may frighten the guy away from you. But anyway, she totally has a massive crush on him and happen to be the one of the three people on the bus. Like seriously? The other two were the guy she likes and the creepy old bus driver who is massively judging them. And then proceed creepy girl stalking mode. Like she follows him everywhere and then hides everytime he notices a presence. Would not be surprised if she collected his hair when he went to sleep. We then assume they becomes best of friends. Let’s skip to the end of the video, where it turns out that there was another girl the whole time and he liked her, not the creepy girl. And it also turns out the whole time, she was third wheeling them, and the couple did not argue or tell her to get lost. Amazing hey. yeah, I think you know why the music video was so so. Also, it lacked the feel of a YG video. Maybe because of the song, but for some reason I expected something within a set. Dunno why guys.

8/10. Pretty good song and another so so music video. Did I also tell you I shall be reviewing another of their videos and song? I shall be reviewing Melting. Not sure when, but from what I heard, it seems like a heart moving music video.


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