I’m Different – N.CA



N.Ca is finally back with a new song. After debuting with My Student Teacher and making her comeback with Oh My God, the singer is back with I’m Different. I’m Different follows on from her song Oh My God, in terms that it is quite upbeat and fun to listen to. Now, I have to be honest with you. I am procrastinating and I have an assignment due in a few days and here I am writing a review. Happened to decide to continue and review songs. So behind and I thought the last few weeks allowed me to catch up. Anyway, since it has been like 5 years since I wrote the first line,  I am going to end the introduction here.

This song is pretty good. To me, her voice sounds really cute and at the same time quite mature. She is my age, which to me is pretty scary, but at the same time, her voice does not match her age. And that is a good thing. The song, as mentioned above, is quite upbeat and has this kind of mainstream party theme to it, which makes it catchy and really addictive. The “1,2,3,4” chorus is really amazing and got me into the song. From start to end, it was the perfect song that I fell in love for it. It was not upbeat and electronic to make it sound like a Summer song, however the song did manage to give off this moving vibe from it, such as moving from Autumn to Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere of course. Don’t mind me, I will just freeze my ass off).  Overall a really great song.

The music video to me is so so. I just want to get something off my chest, but with her makeup, I don’t get the new look with the stars under eyes. I just have not been able to look at them and not get distracted. But anyway, she still looks stunning. Music video tells of a story where these two people happened to meet by chance (or the balloons were attracted towards each other). And then they date. Well, to me, it does not look like they are dating, but the girl is trying to still get to the guy. Anyway, I liked the sets. Though it still gives off that little under-budget look, I think who ever edited this video did a splendid job and managed to make it look like a 100% well budgeted video. I love the backup dancers and their moustaches. So cute.

Her clothing to me, was a little messed up. Looked like someone threw someone else’s wardrobe onto her. The dance is also quite simple but also quite cute as well.

That is my rushed review. I should stop procrastinating. 8/10. 

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