Jackpot – Block B

Block B, back in April, announced that they will be making a comeback in April with their new song, Jackpot. However, after the events of the Sowel Incident, along with the recent cancellation of majority of dramas, music shows and variety programs in Korea for the mourning, the group had decided to cancel the promotions of this mini album. We must applaud these guys. Usually, they would want to promote the song, however out of the best interest of the people who were affected they made a brave choice to cancel their promotions. However, their music video is still online and song is floating around somewhere on the Internet, which means a review is possible!!! Oh top of that, I recently came back after studying hard, and today is basically like my day off. So let’s get going.

This song is pretty good. It carried that Block B feel that Very Good contained and I think Block B is making these type of songs into their own style. The piano start gives off that really creepy feel which the video has and then bam, we enter a pretty good start to the song. Zico starts rapping first (and this where I forget who is who). I have to say, the vocals are quite weak for a song like that. I expected like something with more power. The chorus is pretty good, but it does not carry the same level of impact. I think the “La, La, La” part sounds much better compared to the chorus of the song. The bridge with Zico and P.O sounds oddly out of place, but at least the song managed to go back into the same level the song had before. I liked the song and I think it sounds like a Block B type of song, but the way they delivered the song did not cut out for me.

The music video is pretty creepy. I like the circus theme and how it was used to scare (and be completely confusing). The girl gets kidnapped by the band after she gets frightened and faints from a scary clown who creeped up upon her. she then wakes up to a room full of guys and tries to scream her way out. And then, I basically lose Zico’s part with the interrogation scene and P.O eating the cockroach. P.O I think it is time that someone tells you that is not how you get the ladies. She then gets a chance to escape when some of the members start fighting. However another member scares her, but is soon distracted by the girl’s mirror. She soon runs away and thought she finally got away from the dudes. Well, she gets caught once again and has knives thrown at her. Then she gets a haircut by some psycho dude. But then in that end scene, she manages to escapes. Like, she just walks away. I liked the sets where the music video is shot. They were pretty cool. Pity that we did not see much of a dance, but maybe one day we will.

Overall, it would have been a great comeback. 7/10. Sorry if this review was a little rushed or less of what I usually do in terms of content, trying to get back into the hang of it.

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