Melting – Akdong Musician


Okay, I promised weeks back that I would make a review for this song and video. And here it is, just like a month later than expected, don’t blame me. Anyway, Akdong Musician recently made their official debut with 200%. Melting, the song in the spotlight for this review, was their second title track for their promotional run. After earning a triple crown with their song, 200%, they put both songs away and started to promote a more lively and fun song. Basically the same along the lines of 200%, but Give Love gave off a more soothing tune. I won’t be reviewing Give Love this time around and may end up being one of the few songs that I go back to review at the end of the year. But on with this review.

The song is completely different to the other songs that they have promoted. This song is a ballad and was a pretty slow one. And this one did not make fall asleep, which is a miracle. We get a soft piano intro to the song, and then to me, the song started to feel like it went back and forth like a pendulum. This was carried through to the vocals as well. The chorus was really catchy and I could feel the emotion that was oozing out of this song. The vocals swept and hit my ears really hard. So amazing. The high peak of the chorus sounded really cool and polished. The girl, repeats: “Why are they so cold?” giving that extra cool and cold freezing feel the song presents to us. The rapping though was something that I would not have liked, fitted well. The guys deep voice fitted the song really well. The song talks about how the world just fails to love them, protraying the world as a place full of ice and coldness. When you listen to the song, I will guarantee that you will really like this song.

The music is really amazing. It basically is the visual representation of the song. Did it bring me to tears though? No not really, but you could fill the sadness in it. The whole thing was shot with very subtle colours and a grey colour took up most of the frame. In the video we meet a kid on the side of the highway. He gets into a stranger car, but soon annoys the stranger to the point, where the kid is kicked out of the car. The kids goes in search for food and ends up buying a banana and film for this camera. The old man at the counter offers no exchange and isolates himself from the boy but not refusing him or actually accepting his coins. With little to go on, the kid is in the town centre. The world functions around him. Just it ignores him. Until the first person we see to actually show some kind of “love” to him comes along (which to me seems pretty dodgy). This new found person and the kid goes to a bar, where the person manages to get some love of her own that night and leaves the boy alone, showing abandonment once again. The kid runs after to catch up to the lady, but the manager stops him and demands him for money. The kids gets punched and bashed up for not having the money. This further shows nothing but coldness to the boy. Another thing is when he goes for help, he is ignored by that police officer.  Anyway, the boy ends up leaving the area, and stumbles upon a caravan, and he is pretty injured. Though he is faced with another form of hatred (ie. angry dog barking), where he is more aware of what is going around him. His frustration takes advantage and he lashes out at the dog, to the surprise of the owner of the caravan, who takes the boy in and cares for him, giving the video more colour.

My review is getting too long. Nearly 700 words. 10/10. By far a really deep video with a strong message and a beautiful song to listen to and reflect upon.

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