Night and Day – Wheesung

Wheesung was released from his mandatory military service late last year and it has been a while since we have seen on the stage. He has been back being a very busy producer, but finally we get to hear him on stage once again. He made his comeback last month with Night and Day that showcases his talent and vocals.

This song is so freaking good. I love a good old ballad, but to me, this is mashed up somewhat with a rnb feel, making it sound so cool. There is not one thing I would change in this song. His vocals are superb. The song was so lovely and the lyrics were really good as well. The lyrics itself were talking about how a guy is willing to show his love, by loving a girl “night and day” or in other words 24 Hours. His raspy voice in this song gives it that extra roughness making it sound so good. The song built up to the chorus and when it finally reached its peak, it gave a really good punch to the face. His high notes at the end were also really good, further showcasing the amazing skills he has. Overall it was an amazing song that I keep coming back to.

The music video features C.A.P from Teen Top and Yura from Girl’s Day who plays old friends who love each other. We than get a flashback to the past where Yura was about to leave C.A.P, as if they were going to break up. She gets into a car with her suitcase and then the driver drives off. C.A.P relazies that the can’t live without her so he runs after the car, to which Yura notices and manages to stop the car and run back into him. But in reality, she does not notice him and actually drives off. Hence the music video goes back to the first scene and it seems like they recently met each other again. C.A.P notices a ring on Yura’s finger and as she leaves, realizes that it is probably not too late to express his feelings since both were so sad of breakup with each other. Pretty solid plot, I just hope I read into it right. Wheesung also shows up in the video for his solo singing parts, which is pretty cool as well. Though not sure about the “Greece pillar” backdrops though.

Though this song does not rely heavily on dance, I still think the dancing is pretty good.

10/10. Have little to no complaints about this comeback and this probably have to be one of the best comebacks of the year.

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