Eternity – VIXX

VIXX returned with Eternity after a successful year of promotions which earned them their first weekly music show award and also earned them a Bonsang award at one of the important end of year awards shows (Seoul Music Award). They also managed to secure their name as one of the rising KPOP groups with their dark concepts. This time around they came back with another dark concept but with more of a traditional concept mashed into it as well. Romantic boys. Did it work out? Well, according to the fans, the group has managed to show off their immerse popularity by managing to win against big names, earning themselves two more awards than what they previous had. Definitely a group to keep you eye on.

The group has gone for a dance anthem this time around, with the song being really really well done. I have no complaints with this song. Well, there is 1. It is too freaking short. The instrumental is pretty hardcore with the cool party (dubstep) instrumental giving the song that needed “impact” for me to like.  Ravi’s rapping in this song, even though it was quite limited, sounded really good. The vocals were really top notch. Leo and Ken’s high notes at the end just blew me away. Hyuk and Hongbin both have more lines this time around, much better than Voodoo Doll, where Hyuk only had 1 line. The song built up from the moment it started and pretty much unleashed at the choruses. The song flowed pretty well, though when I first heard I thought there be some odd section where the song had slowed down a lot. Overall, a top of the game song.

In the music video, each guys has these moments with the girl. Like the girl. Only one freaking girl. Like there is no other girl in this world and that they had to chase after this one girl. This one girl who happens to disappear into thin air (literally) towards the end, leaving the guys alone. That or the girl has no idea she is dating everyone from the same group. Anyway, so they have their love moments, but then it turns out that their imagination is playing them and the girl was not there at all, leaving the boys to look lost and depressed. Good story line. However, did they have all these “loving” moments in the same room. And let’s ignore the fact there is a large wheel in the room as well. I like the dancing sets as well. Pretty cool. Especially the effect where they disappear except for Ravi and then all appear in the middle for a later part of the dance and song. That was pretty cool.

The dance was awesome. The wave dance, the clock work dance that they drop at times. And I loved the start. The slo motion backwards walking and stuff. Not only that, but they went slow motion a few times, giving that extra reinforcement that this song has something to do about the past. Really well thought out and done well. And the throwing of the members Ken and N to stand up was pretty cool as well.

I honestly have no to little complaints about this song comeback. A near prefect comeback in my point of view. 9.5/10.


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