You You You – Fly To The Sky

RnB duo, Fly To The Sky, has finally made their official comeback with a brand new album after 5 absence from the scene. Now that they are back, they have proved themselves to be very popular, with their songs topping charts since the very day they released their album and earning themselves two wins on the weekly music shows. They returned with what they do best, with a new RnB song and new album. This time they have vowed that they would not break up again, which they did a few years ago due to different taste in music. Not only that, but it seems like the old groups back when I was born (prior to 2000) will be making their comeback and proving to be quite popular.

To be honest, this song did not have much of an effect on me. I am not a fan of the band. I think their songs are okay, but I just don’t think their songs are that great. This song just reinforced the same idea. I did not find the song to be that great when I listen to it. It is not bad, it just lacks change. Maybe I am not good of a listener, but I find the thing was quite monotone throughout the start to end. I am a fan of Brian Joo. The vocals were really strong, which is what they are known for in the industry. I just found this song quite boring overall to listen to. Hwanhee’s high note at the end are quite good. The started the song off well, and ended the song quite well as well The song itself talks about how the guy was meant to live without his love of his life.

The music video was quite interesting. I liked the story line of the whole thing. So we see Brian Joo and Hwanhee with this girl. Brian is going out with her, while Hwanhee has a crush and also is the third-wheel of the couple. He is so jealous and immature (hence a line of the song) and also quite selfish, decides to involve the couple in an accident. The girl is saved with amnesia and I think some brain damage to make her think she is like a teenager. Anyway, so Hwanhee and the girl end up dating whie Brian was in a coma. However, good things only last so long. The girl starts to have flashbacks of the car accident, which Hwanhee fears the worst. At the same time though, Hwahee receives a call from the hospital that brain had awoken from his coma and also another call from Brian telling him that their friendship is over and that he will be taking everything back that Hwanhee took from him (ie. the girl). We see as Brian wakes up he notices a ring in his hand and realized what had happened and went ot find the girl, to which Hwanhee gets angry when he sees the ring. When Hwanhee returns after attending to Brian, the girls remembers everything and then slaps Hwanhee and dumps him. Hwanhee, who cannot live without her, leaves after her butt hen Brian appears. The guys have a very big fight, to which the girl just stands there and screams. In the end the girl chooses to stay with Brian, to which Hwanhee knows that it is too late and starts to leave, but then gets run over by a car killing him (?), which shocks both the girl and Brian. In the end, it is revealed that Hwanhee regrets everything that he had done. I think I gave the story in a lot of detail. Hahaha… But really good story line. The music video was well shot and really well done.

Song was not so great. Music video was pretty cool. I’d give it a 6/10. 


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