Don’t Flirt – UKISS

PLEASE NOTE: Some things I say in this review may be explicit to some people. I tried to keep this review “safe”, but I may have let loosed a few times. Read at your own cost 🙂

UKISS has made their return to a stage after a few line up changes. Member Dongho left the band saying that he would prefer a normal life, as he feels that his health and stamina would not keep up and also his desire to be a celebrity has weakened. Member AJ has decided to stay in Colombia to focus on his study for now, and recently tweeted pictures after some form of heart surgery. Hence, why their management had brought in member Jun as the replacement for Dongho. Jun is a vocalist and rapper (basically covering Dongho’s position). He also replaces Dongho as the maknae, who is I think is still under-age (like 17 or something), so his music video this time around has not been shown to him because he is below the legal age of 19. On top with that, I will be covering UKISS’s controversial comeback as well, so let’s get rid of the introduction and onto with the review.

I don’t know about you guys, but I really like this song. It is not as great as other UKISS songs which I like, but it still pretty good. The song opens up with this really addictive guitar instrumental which sounds really cool and then enter the hip hop feel. The vocals were pretty good. Kevin, Soohyun, Kiseop and Hoon did a really good job this time around. The instrumental is really cool and the chorus was really addictive. The “No No No” part would have to be the most catchiest part. Once again, and same with Dongho, Jun got the short hand of the stick with only 2 lines. Such a pity. Eli did a pretty good job with the rap though, but I feel since Jun is new, some focus should be on him. The bridge of the song was also pretty good as well. Kiseop did a wonderful job at bringing the song to a close, and I have to be honest, this song is pretty cool.

Here is what the group got some backlash and here is what made the whole comeback quite controversial. UKISS attempted the “sexy concept”, and I think it did the band really well. However, the music video was deemed to be a 19+ video. Mainly because of the explicit actions in the video. Ummm… what??? Not sure, but some of the stuff in movies are far worse than this. Oh a bunch of guys taking their shirts off, slapped with the 19+ rating. Oh, girl is putting her legs around the guys waist? There is another reason. After watching the music video, I felt some of the them were trying so hard to be “sexy”. Hoon was slapped across the face, but he had a look that kind of said “what do I do here?”. Though it did feel unnatural at some parts, some parts seem like the real deal. Not trying to imply anything about me or the band. Anyway, the music video, to me was well shot. It had this dark feel to it, which reflected well in what the guys were trying to portray, a darker side of them. The “sex scenes” with Eli, Hoon and Kiseop were quite heated (ha ha ha). Just was it necessary to stare at the camera? But hey, it all suited the song and the music video.

Let’s move onto something that is a little more controversial than a 19+ video, mainly because they have been around. The dance. This dance was officially the first dance ever done by a boy group that required the dance is be re-choreographed, because it was far too much for the viewers. To me, the dance was okay. Well, I might see their point when it comes down to Kevin and the girl bending over. But overall, I found the dance to be quite cool and nice to watch. “Nice”. But the new version of the dance is really cool as well. I honestly, feel no difference between the two version of the dance.

So the comeback, to me, was just fine. To be more precise, I have been digging this song and dance since it was released. I try to keep away from the music video, mainly because there are things I don’t want my parents to know that I watch. Not implying anything. 8.5/10


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