Day 1 – K.Will

K.Will has returned rather unexpectedly with a brand new song. It has been over a few months since we last saw the singer on the stage. We last saw him in November with his song, You Don’t Know Love. That song was proven to be quite successful and now he is back with a different side of him. K.Will has been a singer in the industry for a very long time and have been earning praises from the fellow artists that he shares the stages with from day dot. As always, his songs becomes instant chart toppers and this one is no other.

This song is quite upbeat and shows off the new style of K.Will. It feels like a fresh summer song that we would hear from K.Will because it sounds so good. It does however sound like a typical KPOP song. It really does not carry a unique feel that K.Will is known for. This song is not as catchy as his previous songs, though when you watch the performances, it enhances the song a lot. His sounds pretty good in the song. I like it, but it is not a song that I would go back to listen more and more. What he needs more of is a song that show off his vocals because we all know that he is talented, and some previous songs have highlighted that, just this one, to me, really did not do anything. The instrumental was okay. I think tries to get the message over that regardless of how you look like, there will always be someone out there. “People say I am the best looking, of the worst”. Overall, an okay song.

K.Will makes another appearance in his music videos. I think this being the second one. And this time he is a love counsellor not a theme park operator who gets shot like in Love Blossom.  And he is helping this one young fellow try to get this one girl. We see this guy get ignored by this girl, who is played by Soyu (sorry, the name of the actor slipped from my memory), and that he slowly goes crazy for her, to the point where he starts to stalk her. Like what is with the stalking theme in songs and videos nowadays. Anyway, so basically he tries to get noticed, but gets ignored by the girl, regardless of his plot twist. He tries to impress the girl, but ends up failing, but then he uses the magic flower technique to woo her. Which was quite successful, if we don’t consider that Soyu has been looking at the guy for quite some time and thinks he is quite cute (obviously having feelings for him). But that was revealed when he was going in for a kiss on this date, but was surprised that she always was going in for a kiss at the same time. All those times he was ignored by her actually were times she was looking at him and wanting him as well to be her lover. Nawwwsss.. such a cute video and something that I can kind of relate to. I think it did a great job at telling the story and relating to the lyrics.

The dance is mega cute. I am so sorry. But if you don’t think that way with the head moving, I am going to be very disappointed. Literally every time I hear this song, I just break out and start doing the head dance when the chorus kicks in. And you probably would too as well. Hahahaha…

Song was okay, music video and dance was much better I say it be a 7/10. Still a pretty okay comeback. It just crept up on people.

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