Psycho – History

History is now back with a brand new single. And now they are back with a much tougher image than ever before and probably an image that would get them locked up in a mental institution. Their comeback song, Psycho, is their 4th comeback since debut. This is also their third mini album since debut. And this band is also quite underrated. They have good songs and sometimes they go for concepts that some bands would never even think of going to attempt. I am just saying, but this band really does deserve more recognition.

This song is freaking amazing. I really enjoyed listening to it, Though once again, this song does sound like a typical KPOP song, I feel that there are some highlights that stand out a lot in this song. The “You’re gonna like this babe” part was really seductive and sounds really cool. Their chorus was also quite cool as well. I am just really disappointed with Kyungil’s solo part during the verse. There is far too much autotune on his voice to make it sound good. It just really distracts me from listen to the song. The rapping was quite good, but it problems in it as well. The same thing goes for the autotune in it and it was far too short. Like the rapper gets one line or like two seconds in the song. That really is not cool. I am not sure of the small instrumental only part in the bridge. It sounds out of place and really does not fit in with the song. Actually, the song was pretty cool until it added the pop vibe into it which got me quite disappointed. but overall, a pretty cool song.

The music video is okay. Not the best music video to be honest. The start reminded me of Big Bang’s Monster. And then we get the creepy church theme which is not creepy at all. And then we cut into the song and actual music video. Okay, so we see the guys get up one by one systematically and then they start creepily staring into the girl in the next building. And then they battle each other to see a glimpse and get touchy with each other as a warning. And that picture scene, where the guy hangs up the million pictures of the girl. Did anyone notice that the very big picture failed to have a nose? Just putting it out there. They call her, but she hangs up on them which annoys and angers them. The girl then gets a letter from next door, to which she does not open it, but she physically goes over and just barges through the door. Uninvited… Anyway, the girl starts to wander around and notice that the people who live at this place are stalking her. When someone appears she runs. Great. Good girl. But to her house. How freaking stupid is that. Anyway so the guys go into for the kill and then have some kind of breakdown to which they don’t choke her. Instead it is revealed that the five guys are technically just one mentally disabled person. It is like a typical horror movie with the really lead character doing all the stupid stuff that really does get them killed in the end. I like it how the music video is shot in the black and white filter, but the dance scenes. They ruined the music video. Too bright. I would not have minded 3 minutes of just plot, but yeah.

The dance is pretty cool. It has that really creepy side to it. The hair pulling and all of the dance moves which they actually teach in a separate video which you can view by CLICKING HERE, were really well done. They did a lot in enhancing the song and it looked really good on stage.

I think this was a really good comeback, it just could have been a little longer and a little better in some areas. 7.5/10

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