Fantastic – Henry Lau (Super Junior M)

Last year Henry promoted Trap and 1,4,3 as his songs on stage. On top of that, Super Junior M recently made their comeback at the start of the year with Swing where all the songs reached moderate success. Now that it has been around a year, SM Entertainment had announced a comeback for the male soloist. After reading the news, it seems that SM Entertainment is trying to rush a lot of things and have comebacks and debut lay over each other recently. For example, while Henry is promoting, F(x) and J.Min were also promoting. Now that SM Entertainment has announced that their next rookie girl group will be debuting on Friday, it seems like a very big mess. Have they not learnt anything since EXO and F(x) had their comebacks at the same time last year? But this review is about Henry and I shall keep it that way.

This song is pretty good. But it really is not a song that I would go back to listen to. That being said, I don’t think it is a song that I find memorable. The instrumental with the violins is pretty good and finally they actually incorporated a violin into the performance and song, something that Henry is quite well known for. But beside that, I think the vocals did not do a good job of promoting Henry’s ability and I don’t remember much from the song after listening to it a number of times. I think this song was written to be more of a MPOP song rather than be a KPOP song, especially when you listen to the chorus. The “It’s Gonna be Fantastic” feels very monotone and awkward. It disrupts the feel of the song I find it really awkward. Honestly, I would have expected this song to be much better and the chorus made it sound really good, but this is a letdown for me. The bridge also did not fit the feel of the song at all as well. Disappointed.

The music video seemed like a normal SM video, with the infamous box sets. Guess this time, it makes for the last year’s “out of the box” sets. I see no apparent reason why the “maze scene” which I am sure was taken from the EXO music video and slammed right into here. I just see that there is hardly any connection between the rest of the video and the introduction, beside that fact the girl disappears and turns into a violin which I used in the rest of the video. It just seems like SM Entertainment videos are getting far too repetitive. Those wirings that connects the violin with Henry make him look like a Doctor Oct kind of prop which is pretty cool, just I really don’t see the whole point why it had to be connected to him. I think holding the violin with the violin stuck to the wires is sufficient enough, it just gives that extra sci fi look to the video that really is not needed. The flashing lights did a good job of accompanying the song in the video. Just there were a lot of things that I thought were not needed weighing the video down for me this time around.

The dancing here was pretty cool and I really like how the violin was incorporated into the dance as well. It looked pretty fancy and really professional.

3.5/10. It is such a pity because I was looking forward to the comeback and was quite disappointed when I got to hear and see it.

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