Catch Up Review #5 – Super Junior

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Ah, finally. Probably the reviews you have been waiting for. Super Junior is finally back after 2 years. What have they done in the past two years? A lot of solo work, military enlistment, dramas, and a Super Junior M release. On top of that: Congrats to Sungmin for announcing his marriage for December. Though I don’t know how this is going to play out, best wishes to his future wife. But enough talking.


This has to be the worst song on the list. I just have to say it. I did not like this song, music video or dance. It completely weird me out and I thought there was like some really bad thing going on in the KPOP industry. That being said, I did not enjoy this song. It had that like of latin feel, but it was kind of awkward when you heard it. Also Shindong’s line: “Just close your lips and shut your tongue”. HOW??? -shivers-. The music video was okay to watch, just it bored me out and I really was distracted by that lady in the music video. And by lady I meant Kangin. That is one buff lady who is really sensitive to her watermelons. That actually sounded a lot better in my mind. Anyway, the dance was so so. Wasn’t the best dance but at the same time it did the job for the song. 2/10

This Is Love 

Whoever gave this song to the band to do was a lifesaver. This song is so freaking amazing. It has this smooth feeling and also a really classy feeling as well. It has this Justin Timberlake kind of feel to it, well in my eyes. I thought the vocals were amazing. As for the music video, it was pretty good. I like how it was all that one set and they managed to add a different feel to different scenes. The one problem I have is the use of the one shot camera. Actually, this also has the 360 camera (correct me if I am wrong), in it as well. As for the dance, I thought it was cool. Dream Girl by SHINee also incorporated microphone stands  but it was a more of a flashy style of dance. This dance, on the other hand, complimented the smoothness and classy feel of the song, as I mentioned above.  10/10


This was another song, as a part of their repackaged album and was used a side promotion single with This Is Love. Though it was a ballad, there was a performance and also a music video released, which kind of lets me do a review for it. This song really highlights the vocals of each member. Now only if Yesung came back during this time, then everything would have been perfect. But seriously, these voices in this song really amazing. The chorus of the song was really well done. As for the music video, they used the same set as This Is Love, which when you think about it, that idea is really original. But this time, the set looks abandoned and fits into the song really well. There was no dance, but Eunhyuk did get a little moment during the performance and music video to dance with a girl, which I thought was cool. It was not over done and his moves fitted the speed of the song. 9/10

Well, that is another review done. Now onto the next review. The theme shall be: Rising Girl Groups. See you next time!!!



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